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With the offer of language teaching in Danish, you will find it easier to manage in jobs, in education and as a citizen in Denmark.

The Danish educations teach you to understand, speak, read and write Danish and at the same time you get knowledge about culture, society and labor market conditions in Denmark.

There are three independent Danish educations, which are organized differently, so that the teaching corresponds to your goal and your prerequisites: Danish education 1, Danish education 2 and Danish education 3.

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Who can receive Danish education?

Danish education can be offered to all newly arrived foreigners who have reached the age of 18 and have a residence permit or permanent, legal residence in Denmark and are the people / residence register in a municipality. In addition, refugees, family reunified, immigrants, workers and students can all use the scheme. 

All Danish education starts with a pedagogical assessment of your prerequisites and goals of the education.

Across the educations (by placement in module 1-2) begins with beginner teaching with special emphasis on oral and employment-oriented language skills. The total education period can last a maximum of up to 5 years from the time you started the Danish education.

Integration students - refugee or family reunified

As an integration student, you are referred to Danish education as part of an integration program. 

Danish education can average a maximum of 15 hours per day. week calculated within the current module.

Self-sufficient student - employee from the EU, students, etc.

As a self-supporting student, you are referred to Danish education as part of an introductory course.

You must pay a participant payment of DKK 2.000 per module and a deposit of DKK 1.250 (au pairs are excluded).

The deposit is refunded when:

  1. you have passed the module test for the module you are referred to
  2. you have passed the final exam for Danish education
  3. you are no longer entitled to Danish education or
  4. you want to stop the Danish education
How do I register for a Danish education?

If you are a refugee or family reunified, we will automatically send a referral to the language school, after which you will receive a summons letter for a visitation interview.

If you are an employee from the EU, students, etc. you will receive a letter from Sønderborg Municipality no later than one month after you have arrived at the municipality, which will give you information about the offer. Subsequently, you will be contacted by the language school.

When is there teaching in Danish?

There are day classes Monday to Friday at 8.30 am - 13.45 pm.

The evening classes are Monday and Wednesday at 17.00 pm - 20.15 pm.

On the first day of the meeting, you will receive your exact meeting time.

We draw attention to the fact that there is an obligation to attend Danish education.

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