Land zone permit

Before you start construction in a rural zone, it requires a rural zone permit.

In the rural zone, it basically requires a rural zone permit to construct new construction, make subdivision or change in the use of existing buildings and undeveloped areas.

However, there are a number of exceptions to the permit requirement. For example, permission is not required to erect buildings for use in agricultural operations if they are located close to the existing buildings. The law also allows for a residence or some types of businesses to be fitted out in empty agricultural buildings and other redundant buildings without permission, if this can be done without significant structural changes.

What is the procedure for a rural zone permit?
When applying, describe your project and provide a justification for what you are applying for. The map material that you enclose must show the location and scope of your project. Buildings must be supported by drawing material, especially facade drawings, and material descriptions.

If you are not the owner, remember to send a power of attorney from the owners.

  1. Application project is sent for neighbor orientation for 14 days
  2. In some cases, the application project is sent to external authorities for opinion
  3. We give a decision on the application project
  4. The decision can only be used after a 4-week appeal period
What should I do when I get the land zone permit?

A decision on land zone permission will be sent to you and those who may have had comments in the neighborhood orientation.

A rural zone permit is published on Sonderborg Municipality's website with a complaint deadline of 4 weeks. 

The permit may not be used until the appeal deadline has expired. It is both citizens and interest groups that can complain. If an appeal is lodged, the permit may only be exercised if the Planning Appeals Board so decides. If the permit is complained about, we will inform you immediately.

Please note that in cases of construction you must also apply for building permit. Sønderborg Municipality can only grant a building permit when the appeal period for the land zoning permit has expired and when all relevant material for the building case processing has been received. A land zone permit expires if it is not used within 5 years after it has been granted.

Where can I find my land zone permit?

You can see all the land zone permits on the page "Hearings and decisions".

What are the conditions for a rural zone permit?

We can set different conditions for a rural zone permit. If these terms relate to permanent conditions, they must be registered on the property at the owner's expense. The terms must be registered after the expiry of the complaint deadline, if no complaints have been received. Examples of registered terms can be:

  • ban on spraying and fertilizing around newly constructed lakes
  • outlay of path over a property
  • location and material selection for new buildings
  • planting
  • deadlines
Where can I complain?

You can appeal a decision via the appeal portal at Nævnenes Hus.

When you complain, you must pay a fee of DKK 900 if you are a private person, and for companies and organizations the amount is DKK 1800. You pay the fee with a payment card in the complaint portal. The appeal period expires 4 weeks after the decision has been announced. If the decision is publicly announced, the appeal deadline is always counted from the announcement. 

Land zone

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