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If you are between 12-67 years old and have significant and permanent reduced physical or mental functioning, you can be granted 15 hours of personal companionship per month.

If you are between 12 and 67 years old, and you have a physical or mental disability, you can apply to the municipality for companionship. If you have been granted a companion before you have reached the age of 67, you can continue to use the scheme when you have reached the age of 67.

The purpose of a companion is to increase your independence, freedom of choice and responsibility for your own life. The scheme allows you to participate in activities outside the home of your choice.

How many hours can I have a companion?

You get 15 hours of accompaniment a month through the personal companionship scheme. You decide for yourself what you want to do in the 15 hours.

It is possible to "save" the 15 monthly hours for a maximum of six months. This means that you can save a maximum of 90 hours together within a period of six months. However, you can not spend your companionship hours in advance.

May I choose my companion myself?

You have the right to appoint a companion yourself. The person must be approved and employed by the municipality.

Your companion should preferably have an interest or experience in working with people with disabilities.

When choosing a companion, emphasis is also placed on the fact that you and the companion have common interests. This is coordinated in collaboration with the municipality.

As a starting point, you can not get approval from a person who has a close connection to you, eg spouse, cohabitant, brother, sister, parents or children.

Do I have to pay for transport costs myself?

If you want to take your companion to the cinema, to a concert or similar, you must cover the costs yourself. This also applies to the cost of your companion's transportation. However, the municipality can provide an annual subsidy of DKK 919 (2020 rate), which must cover your companion's expenses. The amount is paid out once a year on the basis of the probable additional expenses.

Can I complain if I do not get the escort scheme I have applied for?

If you cannot get the companion scheme you have applied for, you can complain to the municipality within four weeks. The municipality then forwards your complaint with the associated papers to the Appeals Board.

Where can I find quality standards?

See all quality standards here.

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