Adopted local plan for Residential area at Hundsbjerg and Buskmosevej in Rinkenæs, Gråsten

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On 20 March 2024, Sønderborg City Council has finally adopted local plan 7.3-4 for the Residential area at Hundsbjerg and Buskmosevej in Rinkenæs, Gråsten. 

The purpose of the local plan is to enable the construction of approx. 50 homes on cadastre no. 1377, Rinkenæs Ejerlav, Rinkenæs, Gråsten. The area is 10,3 hectares in size and lies between the existing residential area Hundsbjerg and Buskmosevej.
It is also planned that 1/3 of the planned homes can be built as low-rise buildings, which supports the demand for the housing type and increases the proportion of housing units. Furthermore, the planning aims to ensure good, shared open spaces and path connections internally and around the residential area, as well as a continuous path connection that connects the local plan area and the future cycle path along Buskmosevej with the adjacent residential areas.

Link to local plan: 7.3-4 Residential area at Hundsbjerg and Buskmosevej, Rinkenæs, Gråsten - Local plans - Sønderborg Municipality (

When a local plan has been publicly announced, conditions may not be legally or factually established that are in conflict with the plan's provisions, unless a dispensation is granted.

Opportunity to appeal
You have the opportunity to complain for up to 4 weeks from the publication of the local plan. According to section 58 of the Planning Act, subsection 1, no. 3, complaints can only be made on legal issues. This means that you can complain about questions about the legality of the local plan, including its legal provision. On the other hand, you cannot complain about the appropriateness or reasonableness of the local plan.

At the bottom of this page, a complaint guide is attached where you can read what you have to do if you want to lodge a complaint.

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