Welfare technologies and interior design

If you or your child has a disability or are you elderly with a permanent disability, you can receive a subsidy for welfare technologies and interior design, necessary home furnishings, etc.

Aids or home changes may relieve you or your child if one of you has a permanent physical or mental disability.

The municipality provides support to you if an aid can alleviate a disability, facilitate everyday life or is necessary for you to perform a profession.

Can I be granted compression stockings?

If you need compression stockings so that you can independently carry out tasks in your daily life that you would not be able to do without compression stockings, you can apply for them at the municipality. If the stockings significantly contribute to you being able to lead as normal and independent a life as possible and to become as independent as possible from the assistance of others in your daily life, it is possible to get approval for compression stockings as an aid under the Service Act.

Read more about the rules when applying for compression stockings


If you cannot get compression stockings approved - 

you or your relatives can buy compression stockings yourself. 

It is always a good idea to contact a supplier who is able to take measurements for stockings. Be aware of whether you need help getting to the supplier or whether they need to visit you.
You also have the option of buying compression stockings online if you know your measurements from before and there have been no changes.

If you are associated with home care and you or your relatives cannot contact a supplier yourself, the home care can help you.

Suppliers of compression stockings in Sønderborg Municipality:

Supplier Service(s)  Address Contact/booking/phone
Sahva Sale of socks incl. measurements and home visits Sankt Jørgensgade 29, 6400 Sønderborg

Phone: 70 11 07 11
Book an appointment www.sahva.dk 

juzo Sale of socks incl. measurement.  juzo.dk

Phone: 20 61 71 50
Contact for re-ordering compression stockings:
Vicky Gudesen
email: vicky.gudesen@juzo.dk

Speaking of which Online sale of compression stockings apopro.dk

Telephone (Mon-Fri 9am-16pm): 89 88 15 95

Bandageshoppen.dk Online sale of compression stockings www.bandageshoppen.dk

Telephone (Mon-Fri 9am-15pm): 71 74 10 71


If you need help taking compression stockings on and off - 

can you continue to apply for help or aids to put them on and possibly of. 

To apply for this, you must contact the Home Nursing Service:
Alssund sick care district: 88 72 47 67
Fjord sick care district: 88 72 47 68
Nordals sick care district: 88 72 47 69
Sydals sick care district: 88 72 47 66

Nursing can ask a therapist to visit you and guide you on putting on and taking off.

Do you need financial support - 

and would like the opportunity to apply for a personal supplement or single benefit, you can contact:

The performance team v. The job centre
Holger Drachmanns PLads 5,
6400 Sønderborg
Phone: 88 72 40 34 


For further advice or guidance, you can contact the assistive technology department by phone: 88725444


Can I be granted body-worn aids?

Body-worn aids include products made to alleviate a permanent physical or mental disability, and to make you as independent as possible from the help of others in everyday life. These can be, for example:

  • Arm and glove compression
  • Breast prostheses
  • Aids for diabetics (eg test strips, lancets and needles)
  • Orthopedic footwear (foot insoles, adaptation of own footwear, eg shoe elevation and walking soles)
  • Wigs and toupees
  • Compression stockings (requires a doctor's referral)
  • Arm and leg splints, bandages and drip foot stimulators
  • Ostomy products
  • Support corsets

Body-worn aids do not have to be returned when you no longer need them.

Can I get help with lending aids?

Lending aids are aids that must be returned again after use. For all lending aids, it applies that these are products that are manufactured to alleviate a permanent physical or mental disability. 

The aids must make you as independent of the help of others in everyday life as possible. It can e.g. revolve around:

  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Work chairs
  • Bath / toilet chairs
  • Aids for household and personal care
  • Relocation aids etc.
Can I get aids delivered quickly?

You can contact Hurtig Hjælpemidelservice (HHS) if you have a permanent functional impairment and your application for an assistive device is uncomplicated. HHS offers you fast and efficient case processing when your application concerns lending aids such as:

  • Walker
  • Transport wheelchair
  • Bath bench

If it is assessed that you are entitled, we will test which aid works well and this aid will be approved and delivered immediately, if we have it in stock.

Visit HHS

Fast Assistive Technology Service
Ingolf Nielsensvej 21
6400 Sønderborg
Opening hours: Tuesday from 10.00 am - 15.00 pm and Thursday from 13.00 pm - 15.30 pm

HHS is closed on the following days: 

  • Weeks 29, 30 and 31
  • Between christmas and new years
  • Week 42
  • Week 7

If your needs are more extensive, apply for aids in the normal way via the self-service solution at the top. Here it may be necessary to obtain, for example, health information from your doctor or to visit you at home. In these cases, you will be referred to the therapist who is affiliated in the area where you live.

In HHS, an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist will be present to process your application for help and assess your needs.

Can I get help with communication aids?

If you have speech, hearing or vision problems, you and your relatives can get special education, advice or aids at the Center for Aids and Communication (CHK Sønderborg). 

Children and young people under the age of 18 with speech, hearing or vision difficulties can get help by contacting Pedagogical Psychological Counseling.

Speech and voice difficulties

If you have speech or voice difficulties, you may benefit special education by a speech consultant. You often do not need to use a communication aid, even if you have speech or voice difficulties. If the speech consultant finds that you need an assistive device, they often work with the ICT consultant to find and adapt an assistive device for you. 

You can contact a speech consultant on tel. +45 88 72 75 60 (all weekdays between 8 and 9) or by mail chk@sonderborg.dk 

Hearing aids

CHK Sønderborg's hearing consultants can help you if you have: 

  • impaired hearing 
  • need for hearing aids (e.g. sound amplifying aids and other alarm and bell signals)
  • problems with your hearing aids

CHK Sønderborg cannot deliver, adapt or adjust hearing aids. The hearing consultants can guide you on how to purchase hearing aids. You can also read more about hearing aid treatment.

The hearing consultants can assess together with you whether you need it teaching in dealing with your hearing difficulties, or whether you may need a hearing aid instead. You can also apply for hearing aids yourself by filling in the application form at the top of the page. 

Contact a hearing consultant if you want to make an appointment or need help applying for or repairing hearing aids. 

The hearing consultants are available by phone between 8 and 9 a.m. on tel. +45 88 72 74 80. You can also send an email to chk@sonderborg.dk 

Visual aids

At CHK Sønderborg, the vision consultant works with:

  • Impaired vision and/or light sensitivity
  • Application, subsidy and testing of visual aids (e.g. magnifying glass, audiobook player or mobility stick)
  • Repair of visual aids granted by CHK

Contact the vision consultant if you want an appointment or need to talk about your challenges.

The vision consultant has tel. +45 88 72 74 77 and meet between 8 and 9. You can also write an email to chk@sonderborg.dk

CHK Sønderborg also processes your application for eye prosthesis or low vision and special optics (e.g. magnifying glass, prism or filter glasses). You can apply for optics by completing the Application for body-worn aids at the top of the page. 

Contact the case manager if you need a chat or help applying. The case manager can be contacted on weekdays between 13pm and 14pm on tel. +45 88 72 74 83 or by mail chk@sonderborg.dk

Communication aids (ICT)

ICT stands for Information, Communication and Technology. 

The employees in the ICT area help those who cannot read, write, speak and/or express themselves in a normal way, but who need special information technology communication aids.

At CHK Sønderborg, the ICT consultant provides guidance in the areas of:

  • Speech, e.g. image-based communication programs or apps with speech support, "talking machines", voice amplifiers or voice vibrators
  • Vision, e.g. programs/setup with magnification, changing colors or contrast, reading text or dictating SMS and e-mail
  • Cognition or reduced structuring ability, e.g. guidance in using a calendar, reminders and alarms or color coding of reminders and appointments or special structuring aids
  • Alternative operation, e.g. on-screen keyboards or keyboards with special keys, especially computer or eye-controlled mice, 0/1 switches for hand, head or foot control of e.g. TV, light, door opener, mobile phone or nursing bed
  • Reading/writing support for the dyslexic, e.g. guidance in using text reading, recording SMS and e-mail or special reading/writing support aids
  • Compensatory communication aids, e.g. apps that can read written text, image-based communication programs with supportive speech or eye-controlled computers

Contact the ICT consultant on tel. +45 88 72 74 79 (between 8-9 am) or by mail chk@sonderborg.dk

Can I get help for incontinence?

If you want help solving your urination or bowel problems, you can contact the municipality's a continence nurse on either tel. +45 88 72 56 60 or tel. +45 88 72 56 61 on all weekdays at 8-9 am and 13-14 pm.

The continence nurses can help you plan the examination and possibly treatment as well as guidance on options for aids such as diapers and catheters.

For all incontinence aids, these are products that are manufactured to alleviate a permanent physical or mental disability. 

Can I get help with necessary interior design or home changes due to a disability?

If you have a permanent disability, you can apply for help in arranging your home so that it is adapted to you and your needs. It can e.g. revolve around removing door steps or changing door width to get through with a wheelchair. 

If you are deemed eligible for changes, you can:

  • Choose materials other than those chosen by the municipality. Possibly at an additional cost if they cost more than those the municipality can grant.
  • Choose to use a craftsman other than the one chosen by the municipality. It is a requirement that the craftsman is skilled and VAT registered.
  • Getting the changes made yourself. Here you will be reimbursed for the expenses corresponding to the amount the municipality would have granted in their solution.

In some cases, the help must be repaid, and it may be necessary to secure the repayable amount by taking a mortgage on the home. You can get advice and guidance if you want to arrange your home so that it most suits your needs. 

It is important that you do not start a housing change before you apply to the municipality, as it is rarely possible to get housing changes approved if the municipality has not been involved from the beginning.

Can I see and try out welfare technologies and aids?

Sonderborg Municipality has an exhibition and showroom that shows some examples of everyday technologies and aids. It's called 'Prøverummet - Everyday Technology and Assistive Technology'.

Welfare technology is technological tools, tools or aids that can support and help you manage in your own home for as long as possible. It can be a form of robot, an app or smart solutions for eg medicine reminder, communication, cooking and personal hygiene. Some of these aids are on display in Prøverummet.

Visit Prøverummet

Ingolf Nielsensvej 21
6400 Sønderborg

Opening hours (appointment not required):

Tuesday: 10.00 am - 15.00 pm
Thursday: 13.00 pm - 15 pm

The fitting room is closed on the following days: 
• Weeks 29, 30 and 31
• Between christmas and new years
• Week 42
• Week 7

Larger groups by arrangement.

Hear more on tel. +45 27 90 01 69 (only during opening hours) or proverummet@sonderborg.dk

Do I have to pay for aids or home changes?

If the municipality grants you an aid, you can either borrow it for free, or you can get a subsidy to buy it yourself. 

Certain aids are on loan and must be returned to the municipality when they are no longer used. 

If you choose another supplier or a more expensive product than the one the municipality has an agreement with, you must pay any additional costs yourself. For orthopedic footwear for adults there is a deductible of DKK 920. For orthopedic footwear for children there is a deductible of DKK 510.

You cannot receive a subsidy for 'consumer goods' that are part of the usual contents, such as a regular bed, landline telephone, smartphones, GPS or TV.

Can I rent aids or get temporary aids?

In the Aids Department, you can rent the following aids if you need them for a temporary period and cannot get them from the hospital. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all aids are always available, as we as a municipality can only rent out any surplus capacity.

Please contact us at least three working days before you need to use the aid.

As a starting point, you must make sure to pick up and drop off rented aids yourself, as our drivers unfortunately only have a limited opportunity to help. In a few cases, this can be done for a payment of 300, -

Payment for rent and any delivery / pick-up is made electronically. You will receive a charge via e-boks / electronic mail. You must be aware of whether the aids lent are insured via your insurance.

Prices for rental of aids

Assistive technology Price per. Day Price for a weekend Price per. week Price per. month
Manual lift 300,- 600,- 800,- 1200,-
Toilet raiser 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Loose ramps 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Walker 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Toilet seat 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Bath bench 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Bedside table 100,- 200,- 400,- 700,-
Elbow sticks 50,- 100,- 150,- 300,-
Can I have my aids repaired?

If you have problems with your aids, you can contact the Assistive Technology Department. If the problems are minor repairs, you can take the aid to our Quick Assistive Technology Service (HHS). Here, a therapist will assess the need for repair and have any repair done at the aid depot's workshop immediately. Minor repairs are, for example, replacement of handles on walkers or replacement of brake cable.

Visit HHS

Fast Assistive Technology Service
Ingolf Nielsensvej 21
6400 Sønderborg
Opening hours: Tuesday from 10.00 am - 15.00 pm and Thursday from 13.00 pm - 15.30 pm

HHS is closed on the following days: 

  • Weeks 29, 30 and 31
  • Between christmas and new years
  • Week 42
  • Week 7
Can I get car support?

If you have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to get around, you have the opportunity to apply for support for the purchase of a car.

Criteria for support

  • You have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to get around.
  • You have a daily driving need that cannot be met in any other way.
  • You cannot get support for a disabled car if you have another option to get around, e.g. public transport or a disabled driving scheme.
Types of cars that can be supported
  • Handicap cars that are designed to meet your special needs.
  • Handicap buses that are designed to transport children with disabilities.
The amount of support
  • The support can be up to DKK 206.000.
  • The support is provided as an interest-free loan that must be repaid over six years.
Application deadline
  • The application deadline is 31 March each year.
  • More information
  • The case processing takes approx. 6-9 months.
  • You can help us speed up the processing of the case by obtaining the following information and sending it with your application:
    • Motor certificate
    • Medical information
    • Other information: If you have other cases in the municipality, you can allow us to obtain this information. Mention which departments we may contact in your application.
Can I return my aids myself?

You can always hand in aids that you no longer use in our Quick Aids Service (HHS). 

The aids are electronically registered, so you do not receive a return slip. The electronic registration will be deleted while you are in the Quick Assistive Technology Service.

If you do not have the opportunity to hand in your aid yourself, we will of course help you, but we would like to encourage you to come out to us yourself. If you can not drive yourself, ask a relative or a neighbor. You do not have to be present at the handover.

Visit HHS

Fast Assistive Technology Service
Ingolf Nielsensvej 21
6400 Sønderborg
Opening hours: Tuesday from 10.00 am - 15.00 pm and Thursday from 13.00 pm - 15.30 pm

HHS is closed on the following days: 

  • Weeks 29, 30 and 31
  • Between christmas and new years
  • Week 42
  • Week 7
Where can I find case processing deadlines and quality standards?

See case processing deadlines here.

See all quality standards here.

Mobility aids

Contact us

Assistive Technology Department
Ellegårdvej 25A 
6400 Sønderborg 

Center for Hjælpemidler og Kommunikation (CHK)
Ellegårdvej 25A
6400 Sønderborg

Email: omsorgogudvikling@sonderborg.dk

Telephone number:

Lending aids: +45 88 72 45 24
Body-worn Aids: +45 88 72 45 38
Continence aids: +45 88 72 56 60 / +45 88 72 56 61
Compression aids: +45 88 72 54 44
Disability car support: +45 88 72 56 48

Phone hours:

Continence aids and Compression aids: 08.00-09.00

Lending aids, body-worn aids and Support for Disabled Cars: 08.00-09.00 and 13.00-14.00

Email: chk@sonderborg.dk

Tel. no .: +45 88 72 47 60

Phone hours:

Weekdays: 08.00 am - 09.00 am and 13.00 pm - 14.00 pm