Area on Oksbølvej, Nordborg

Sønderborg Municipality sells the area matr. No. 1189 in Nordborg. The area is 5.721 m2. Read more and buy.


Sønderborg Municipality sells matr. No. 1189, Nordborg. The plot is a commercial plot of 5.721 m2. The plot is located between Oksbølvej and Mellemvej, 6430 Nordborg, the access road to the plot is via Mellemvej.

The area has a minimum price of DKK 30 per KVM.

What can the area be used for?

It is possible to subdivide the cadastre into two smaller plots of min. 2.500 m2. If you wish to build on the area, it is the building regulations in the building regulations that apply as well as Byplansvedtæt BY6-523.

There is a non-protected find and historical monument on the area in the form of a round mound. The area is taken over with the landfill that is on the cadastre. The soil piles have been examined by the environmental company DGE, which states that it is highly unlikely that there is contaminated soil in the piles. It is estimated to be surplus land from a building on the neighboring cadastre.

How do I send a purchase offer for the area?

You can submit a purchase offer via the "Send purchase offer" button at the top of the page.

What planning conditions are there?
  • Located in the city zone.

  • The area is covered by Local Plan BY6-523 sub-area A, which designates the area as an industrial and workshop area and can be used for this purpose within the framework of the local plan.

  • The area is classified as a business area in municipal planning framework 1.9.001.E.

What tax matters should I be aware of?

The buyer is made aware that the value and tax conditions may change depending on the buyer's use of the area.

Will the purchase price be subject to VAT?


Is there anything else I should know?
  • There is a registered high-voltage line on the corner in the north-western part of the area.
  • The property is within the area classification for soil contamination. The soil contamination certificate appears from page 3 onwards.
  • The area is part of a joint property, and the buyer must pay for the transfer of the area, registration of the purchase and the costs associated with this.
Who can I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact Sønderborg Municipality's Property Office. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Good reasons to strike

  • Business premises
  • Attractive location
  • Area of ​​5.721 m2


6430, Nordborg

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