Area on Tørsbølgade, Kværs

Sønderborg Municipality is selling the attractive area of ​​16.796 m2 on Tørsbølgade in Tørsbøl with the possibility of mixed housing and business.


Now Sønderborg Municipality offers matr. no. 174 + 202, Tørsbøl, Kværs for sale.

The area is a grass area, consisting of 2 land registers. The total area is 16.796 m², of which 725 m² is road area. The area is located at Tørsbølgade in Tørsbøl by Kværs. The area is subject to municipal planning framework 7.4.006.G - Mixed housing and business at Tørsbølgade in the conversion village of Tørsbøl, which gives slightly more opportunities for development in the rural zone. For example, you will be able to divide the area up and subdivide it into 2 properties, but not subdivide it into a regular residential area with an urban character.

How do I send a purchase offer for the area?

You send a purchase offer via the buttons "Send purchase offer" At the top of the page.

What planning conditions are there?
What tax matters should I be aware of?

The buyer is made aware that the value and tax conditions may change depending on the buyer's use of the area.

Will the purchase price be subject to VAT?


Is there anything else I should know?
  • Cadastre 174 is listed as part of an overall real estate.
  • Cadre 202 is listed as a combined real estate.

The buyer must initiate and pay for the deregistration of the area and registration of the purchase as well as the costs associated with this.

What cables are there in the area?

When obtaining information in the Line Owners Register, the following lines have emerged on the area:

  • Sønderborg Forsyning - Land registry.
  • TOC.
  • Evida.
  • Tørsbøl Waterworks.
  • N1 – Land register.
  • Electricity: Con.

There are the following registered easements on matr. No. 174:

  • Date/run number: 03.08.1982-4749-44: Document on the ban on electric heating.
Who can I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact Sønderborg Municipality's Property Office. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Good reasons to strike

  • Possibilities for mixed housing and business
  • Large area of ​​a total of 17.796 m2
  • Can, for example, be divided into subdivisions of 2 properties


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