Areas for sale, rental areas and leases

See municipal areas for sale, which can be used for different purposes, which appears from the descriptions under each area. See also lease areas.

In Sønderborg Municipality, there are areas that are for sale, as well as so-called lease areas, which are rented out for a longer period.

Click on the map to see what the individual area can be used for and what conditions apply.

The orange ones are areas for sale (with a specified deadline), while the green ones are for sale.

How do I bid on an area?

Click on the 'submit a purchase offer for an area' button at the top of the page and fill in the form.

Are there other costs in connection with. purchase of an area in addition to the purchase price?

Tenders for areas that can be used for development due to planning conditions will be subject to VAT. This will be stated in the tender material. All costs in connection with the transaction are borne by the buyer. We recommend that you contact a land surveyor during the tender period.

How is the process in connection. leaseholds?

The areas are sent out in a 2-week public tender. Under the individual area, the tender period appears.

If the areas are not leased out on the basis of this tender, the areas will appear as "leased out". Here, the area will be leased out when a bid is received.

The conditions for the individual area appear in the comments field for the individual area.



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