The association loan pool

Sønderborg Municipality has an association loan pool, which can be applied for by associations and other actors in the leisure and culture area.

If your association is facing an urgent challenge, the Association Loan Pool can be applied for.

The loan is usually an interest-free, municipal loan, which is repaid over the following years - and max. Ten years. The size of the loan depends on the size of the pool.

For what purposes can we borrow money from the Association Loan Pool?

Loans can be granted for the following purposes:

  • For furnishing associations' owned premises / buildings / outdoor facilities
  • For furnishing municipally owned premises / buildings / outdoor facilities
  • For the purchase / repair of equipment used in connection with the association's activity
How do we apply for funds from the Association Loan Fund?

Procedure for obtaining interest-free loans:

  • The association submits an application to Culture and Leisure, Sønderborg Municipality.
  • The application deadline is May 1.
  • The application must contain information about what the loan is intended to be used for.
  • The application must contain an overview of the total cost incl. VAT.
  • The application must contain information on current quota rates.
  • The last completed accounts and budget for the coming year must be submitted.
  • It must be stated which initiatives the association has shown to raise funds - possibly. from foundations and lucrative business.
  • If an interest-free loan is granted, the association receives a letter of indebtedness or mortgage on the loan.
What assumptions are included in the assessment?

Prerequisites to be included in the assessment:

  • The composition of the association, ie. number of members under 25 years
  • The association's activity and target group
  • The association's income opportunities from the members as well as others than the association's own members
  • Whether a renovation / new establishment of the association's used facilities will provide greater activity opportunities for the municipality's citizens
  • Whether the activity / facility can contribute to the municipality being more attractive to settle in.
  • Whether the association has shown initiative to raise more funds from outside - e.g. from foundations or through lucrative activities etc.
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