AULA is the communication platform in daycare institutions.

Aula is an IT system where parents and employees can safely and easily write together about the child's everyday life and development from nursery to 9th grade.

Aula offers a number of user-friendly functions, e.g. a message function, a notice board with important information and a calendar.

Parents and educational staff are welcome Aula with Unilogin, which is unique for all users. Find your Unilogin yourself. If you have a Uni login to the school, you can use it and log in to the same place. 

It is important that you use a PC when accessing for the first time, as you must be verified through your MitID (CPR verification) of your Unilogin. Later, you can download an app for both the IOS and Android solution and work from your phone or tablet.

Videos and manuals (multiple languages) for the system can be found at Guides are also handed out as leaflets by the teaching staff.

If you need help logging in, you can contact the teaching staff. 

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