Bathing jetties, boat jetties, towing places and boat ramps

Read here how to apply for the establishment of a bathing or boat bridge and which guidelines apply.

In Sønderborg Municipality, there are a number of bathing jetties, boat jetties, slipways and boat ramps.

Do I need to apply for a permit to establish a bathing or boat bridge?

Bathing and boat bridges established after 1975 must have a permit. If there is no permit, a permit must be applied for. The same applies if changes are desired on a bathing and boat bridge.

If a property is sold to a new owner, a permit can usually be transferred to the new owner.

Sønderborg Municipality can grant permission for a simple bathing and boating bridge which does not obstruct the free flow of water along the coast. The municipality's decision can be appealed to the Coastal Directorate.

The Coastal Directorate may grant permission for bridges constructed as a pier or other structure that impedes the free flow of water. 

In urban areas, only associations such as landowner associations, sports associations, residents' associations, village guilds or the like can obtain a permit to set up a bathing and boating bridge.

Detached coastal properties can be permitted for a bathing and boat bridge if it is on its own land. If the applicant does not own the land on which the bridge is anchored, the applicant must submit one statement of consent from the owner of the land register together with the application.

How do I apply for a bathing or boat bridge?

You apply via the button at the top of the page.

When applying, you must attach:

  • An overview map (use, for example, the municipality's card), showing the exact location of the bridge. It can be a section of a cadastral map at a scale of 1:25.000.
  • A floor plan (viewed from above) showing the final appearance of the bridge with information on length, width and any side bridge.
  • A profile drawing showing the height of the bridge above the water and the profile of the seabed with water depths along the bridge.

When Sønderborg Municipality has received an adequate application, we can send a copy to the neighbors for consultation, where relevant. When a decision has been made, the neighbors are again informed of the decision. The Coastal Directorate must possibly be consulted about the application. The permit will be published if we judge it to be in the public interest. The permit may only be used when the appeal period has expired.

A possible permit is assessed individually and may have different conditions. The terms contain requirements for location, design, use, public access, maintenance, etc. as well as removal of the bridge at the owner's expense if the conditions are not met.

Can I establish a boat ramp or a tow place?

If you want to build a boat ramp or a slipway for small boats along the coast, you must apply for permission from the Coastal Directorate.

Most often, it also requires a dispensation for the facility itself on the land side from the beach protection line. 

It is the municipality that most often receives applications for new towing places/boat ramps. The municipality forwards the application with comments (e.g. planning conditions, road conditions, landscape conditions, watercourses etc.) to the Coastal Directorate. 

See existing boat ramps and where new ramps are possible here

Where can I find a tow point or boat ramp?

See an overview map of existing boat ramps here

Where can I find a disabled-friendly bathing bridge?

At Den Sorte Badestrand at Frihedsalle in Sønderborg, there is a disabled-friendly bathing bridge with access to a toilet and changing room for disabled visitors.

Access to toilets and changing rooms can be applied for or by contacting the Danish Handicap Organizations by phone +45 36 75 17 93.

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