Bathing water and beaches

The bathing water must be clean so that we can bathe in it without risk. See where the municipality's bathing beaches are and what the bathing water quality is.

In Sønderborg Municipality, we have 25 bathing beaches, where we continuously monitor the bathing water quality during the bathing season from 1 June to 15 September. Of these, 9 bathing beaches have it a Blue Flag. Blue Flag beaches meet a number of requirements for bathing water quality, facilities and information.

How is the bathing water quality on my beach?

Sønderborg Municipality takes samples at all 25 bathing beaches during the bathing season from 1 June to 15 September. 

After each bathing water season, the municipality and the EU assess the overall bathing water quality. The bathing water is classified as either excellent, good, satisfactory or poor quality. On the map below you can see the overall bathing water quality at the municipality's beaches.

In the case of pollution that cannot be immediately reduced or removed, the municipality will either advise against bathing or impose a bathing ban. Information about bathing is discouraged or bathing bans are published on the municipality's Facebook page or This information is also posted on the beach notice board.

When and where should you not swim at the beach?

Of course, you must not bathe where bathing is prohibited, and you should not bathe where we advise against bathing. In addition, we generally advise against bathing:

  • In and around river outlets
  • In and around rainwater outlets
  • In harbors and marinas
  • In case of algal blooms
  • If the water smells
  • If the water is discolored
  • After heavy rainfall
How do we test the bathing water quality on the beaches?

It is the municipality's task to ensure that the bathing water quality is in order. This is done according to the rules in Executive Order on bathing water and bathing areas. An approved laboratory takes samples during the bathing season, which runs from 1 June to 15 September.

The bathing water is examined for the intestinal bacteria E. coli and Enterococci. Blue Flag beaches are checked more often than an ordinary beach. We publish the results of the sampling here.

In the event of contamination of the bathing water, the municipality must investigate the cause and either prevent, reduce or remove the cause. If the pollution cannot be immediately reduced to what is hygienically acceptable, the municipality will either advise against bathing or impose a bathing ban.

What is a bathing water profile?

On this page you will find bathing water profiles for all 25 bathing beaches. The bathing water profiles describe the bathing beaches' classification, surroundings and possible risks of pollution.

May I take the dog to the beach?

Dogs must always be led on a leash on the beach in the period 1 April - 30 September. On Blue Flag beaches, dogs or other pets are not allowed during this period with the exception of guide dogs and other dogs at work. Dogs and other pets must pass the Blue Flag zone on the back of the beach so that it is possible to get out of the Blue Flag zone with their pet. The pets must be on a leash and under control.

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