The Building and Housing Register (BBR) and property report

Here you will find information about, as well as common questions and answers, to BBR.

BBR is a nationwide register that contains data on land as well as building and housing conditions on all properties in Denmark. BBR is updated by the municipalities on the basis of construction cases and the changes that the property owner informs.

It is your duty as owner to ensure that the registration is correct, as BBR data is used for several purposes, including by the insurance companies' price calculation, property valuation, calculation of home insurance and district heating. 

See what information is registered on your property.

You must be aware that changes to your BBR may require a permit under other legislation, eg a building permit or dispensation from the local plan. You can even examine on a map what applies to your property.

You can also order and buy a property report on, if you need to shop for housing.


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