The Residents' Complaints Board (Beboerklagenævnet)

The Residents' Complaints Board decides in disputes between tenants and landlords in public housing.

The Residents' Complaints Board decides in disputes between tenants and landlords in public housing.

The Residents' Complaints Board is an independent authority that does not provide advice to one or the other party. The board's secretariat only provides guidance on the type of cases you can bring before the board and the practicalities of the proceedings. In addition, if you need advice, you can seek help from a lawyer, tenant organization, landlord organization or legal aid.

What can the Residents' Complaints Board decide on?

The Residents' Complaints Board can decide on:

  • Maintenance and repair when moving out
  • Refund of deposit
  • Condition of the home when moving in and during the rental period
  • Compliance with formal rules for notification of rent increase
  • The right to make installations and improvements in the lease
  • Right of disposal
  • Water, heat and electricity accounts
  • Payment for common antenna and access to telecommunications service
  • The right to sublease, continuation or exchange of leases
  • The legality of decisions made by the resident democratic bodies
  • Allocation of public family housing
  • Violation of house rules (usually brought in by the landlord)

The Residents' Complaints Board does not decide on:

  • Questions about termination or termination of a lease
  • Questions about the size of the rent
  • Proportional refusal in the rent due to defects in the rented property

If the Residents' Complaints Board deems that an actual presentation of evidence is necessary, the board may reject the case and refer it to Housing law. The evidence can be, for example, witness interviews, sightings and assessments or the like. The cases that the Residents' Complaints Board does not have competence to deal with can instead be brought before the Housing Court.

How do I complain?

When you want to complain, it must be done in writing (in Danish), and you must specify what the board must decide on. Remember to enclose the following:

  • Lease
  • Relevant correspondence in the case 
  • Possible power of attorney (from other tenants, if several are registered on the lease, or if you want to be represented by someone else)
  • Your phone number 
  • Documentation for payment of fee

Send your complaint to the Residents' Complaints Board (contact information below) and pay the fee at the same time.

What is the case processing time?

The average case processing time is approx. Two months. However, it may take shorter or longer depending on the nature of the case. The case processing time in house order cases is typically shorter.

What does it cost to complain?

It costs DKK 167 to process your complaint.

You must pay the fee at the same time as you send the complaint to the Residents' Complaints Board.
The fee is paid to Sydbank, account number 8010 6400007. 

Remember to write the "Residents' Complaints Board" on the payment, your name and the address of the lease in question.

Only when the fee has been paid does the case start to be sent to the other party for an opinion.

Who sits on the Residents' Complaints Board?

The board consists of a chairman, a tenant representative and a landlord representative.

The members of the board for the period 2022-2025 are:

Chairman Michael Jorgensen
Alternate Jens Schultz-Hansen

Tenant representative Lone Andersen
Alternate Morten Dohrmann

Landlord representative Anita Fogh Madsen
Alternate Toke Arndal

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