For bilingual children not enrolled in daycare

Read more about the compulsory learning offer and language assessment and stimulation for children outside day care.

Your child receives a compulsory learning offer if you live on Nørager, Søstjernevej, Søgræsvej, Koralvej or Konkylievej and have not registered your child for childcare within three months before the age of one. In that case, you will receive a letter in your e-box with procedure, terms, etc.

What is a compulsory learning offer?

In a compulsory learning offer, both parents and children are required to attend. This means that if your child does not attend or if you as parents do not participate in the planned parenting course, your child benefit will stop being paid.

In the compulsory learning offer, your child participates in the nursery's daily activities and routines. In addition, the learning offer includes:

That your child should go to the nursery 25 hours a week spread over 5 days. You may not drop off or pick up your child earlier or later than specified. Your child must participate in a course where they learn about Danish traditions, holidays and values. The course will also focus on your child's language, learning and development. Both parents must participate in a compulsory parenting course in collaboration with the nursery. The compulsory learning process is free, but you must pay for food and bring nappies.

You can not enroll your child out of the compulsory learning offer as long as it is under 3 years old. Instead, you can choose to book a place in one of the municipality's day care centers or day care institutions. You can also choose to apply for a grant to care for your own child.

If you, as a parent, have questions about the compulsory learning offers, you can contact the coordinator on tel. 27 90 41 76

Should my child be language assessed?

Parents of children who are not in municipal or private kindergarten must contact the coordinator for multicultural work in day care on tel. 27 90 41 76.

Bilingual children who, based on a language assessment, are assessed as needing help to be able to learn Danish, which is a prerequisite for the child to do well in school and later in the labor market, will be referred to receive a language stimulation offer for 30 hours. in a week.

It is the bilingual child's language skills that are decisive for whether the child should be admitted to a language stimulation offer.

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