Kindergartens for special needs children

Here you get an overview of kindergartens with special offers.

Together with the child's parents can PPR set up for a kindergarten with a special offer.

Which kindergartens have a special offer for children with challenges?

In Sonderborg Municipality, there are three kindergartens with special offers that can accommodate children with special needs. Children may have physical, mental and / or behavioral difficulties:

Which kindergartens have a special offer for children with permanent physical or mental disabilities?

Sønderskov Children's Home is a municipal day care service for children who, due to significant and permanent impairment of physical or mental functioning, have a special need for support and treatment.

How does my child get a place in a special offer?

In order to be considered for a place in one of the municipality's special offers, your child must be searched here. The visit to the site takes place through dialogue with the parents, possibly current institution and an educational consultant.

The contact person for searching for the special offers is Birthe Lorenzen, tel. 27905306.

You, as a parent, cannot therefore book a place directly in one of the special offers, as the inspection takes place through a inspection committee in the Children, Youth and Family Unit.

Each of the 4 special groups each has their own individual competences within the child's needs and challenges.

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