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Bosager is a housing offer and an activity and socializing offer (BAS), where the staff can offer extensive help to citizens with special needs.

Bosager is a housing offer for citizens who need a residential institution due to significant and permanent physical or mental impairment. Citizens need comprehensive help with general day-to-day functions or need care, nursing and treatment.

Bosager also has an activity and social service (BAS).

How to live in Bosager?

The homes at Bosager are divided into 4 houses. The residents live on normal terms in a rental home.

In each house live 10-12 residents. All the houses are divided into two living groups. In the living groups there is a shared kitchen and living room.

The dwellings in houses 1-3 are 88-93 m2 incl. common areas and in house 4 of 76-80 m2 incl. common areas. They are furnished with a small kitchen, large bathroom, living room and bedroom with closets. In the common area there is a living room with a dining room, which is also used for social community.

What does it cost to stay at Bosager?
Expenses House 1-3 House 4
Rent 7.527-7.955 kr. 8.085-8.447 kr.
Heating (a conto) 400 DKK 0 DKK
Electricity (on account) 200 DKK 200 DKK
Water (a conto) 200 DKK 200 DKK

If you move into a rental property, you will have to pay a deposit. You can apply deposit loans and housing insurance.

In addition, there is an offer of a voluntary package, where you pay for food, transportation, cleaning and washing. The package is calculated on the basis of the actual consumption with an annual final statement.

In relation to cleaning products, part of the amount is mandatory, as part of the common areas are included in the living space of the leases.

The prices are:

Diet 3.497 DKK
Detergents and miscellaneous 59 kr.
Wash 45 kr.
What activities are there at Bosager?

Residents receive support and guidance, but are masters of their own apartment. Employment and leisure activities vary according to wishes, abilities and needs.

As a starting point, all residents of Bosager receive an offer for activation of a activity or employment offer. The offer is adapted to the individual in relation to scope, wishes and interests.

When residents return home from work, many need to relax either in their own apartment or in the common areas.
We offer to do different activities according to desire and need. It can be a walk in the hot tub, get out for a walk or take a walk in the city. In addition, there are offers to join the club every Tuesday, and some go horseback riding and swimming.
We go on holiday trips, festivals, concerts, out in nature etc. and have an exciting activity program during the summer holidays.

Can you be offered an activity and social service (BAS) at Bosager?

The activity and social service (BAS) is for citizens who have the most extensive functional impairments. Educators and occupational therapists work closely with and around the citizen to strengthen personal and social skills.

We use play, games, singing, music, movement, reading aloud and many other activities and have different rooms with the possibility of stimuli, sensory impressions and possibly also some screening if the citizen cannot tolerate too many sensory impressions or too many social contacts.

WE focus on the citizen's resources, hopes and dreams - and work with these within the framework BAS has available.

Where does it take place?

The offer takes place at:

Housing 2
6400 Sønderborg.  

Opening hours:

Monday and Wednesday: at 8-16
Tuesday at 8-14
Thursday and Friday at 8-15

Paint stone

Bathtub at BAS

What food can you get at Bosager?

Bosager has its own catering kitchen, where a dietitian is employed and a nutrition assistant is employed. The staff ensure that food is prepared based on what they know many residents like, the official dietary advice and seasonal ingredients. 1-2 times a week the diet is vegetarian, just as we aim to serve fish once a week.
The food is prepared in the commercial kitchen and prepared in the kitchens in the individual houses. 

In the kitchen, various types of special diets are prepared for small eaters, and it is also taken into account that some citizens need other types of diet. The kitchen provides a green snack on weekdays.

Can I have an influence if I am a relative of a resident of Bosager?

We have a well-functioning relatives council with relatives representatives from each house and LEV.

Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for residential institution Bosager.

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Housing offers and activity and socializing offers Bosager
Housing 2-8
6400 Sønderborg

E-mail: botilbudbosager@sonderborg.dk

Tlf. nr.: 

BAS: +45 27 90 45 05

Hus 1: +45 88 72 69 55 
Hus 2: +45 88 72 69 56 
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Hus 4: +45 88 72 69 71