Residential institution Alléen

Read more about residential institution Alléen, which is for residents with permanent mental and physical disabilities.

Residential institution Alléen is for residents permanent mentally impaired and physical functioning.

Alléen is located in Gråsten town in a quiet residential area with good opportunities for walks on protected nature trails. There are nice shopping opportunities nearby and good bus connections.

The residents need educational, verbal and physical support at all hours of the day, which is why there is always staff on Alléen when the residents are at home. At night in the form of on-call duty from the on-call room.

How do you live on Botilbud Alléen?

At residential institution Alléen there are:

  • 8 two-bedroom apartments of 42 m each2, which each has a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and private terrace. The apartments are located with four apartments at each end of the house with the shared apartment in the middle.
  • A common, larger garden where it is possible to play ball, swing and there is a campfire
  • A shared kitchen, living room, laundry room and bathroom, where it is possible to enjoy a bath and listen to relaxing music
  • Exit to common terrace from the living room

Residential institution Alléen

What does it cost to stay at Botilbud Alléen?

Prices for rent:

Monthly rent 7.843,00
Deposit 16.530,00
Aconto water 300,00
Heat 300,00
Antenna 450,00
Can I participate in a diet scheme on Botilbud Alléen?

At Alléen, you have the opportunity to participate in a diet scheme.

What activities are there on Botilbud Alléen?
  • dancing
  • song and choir
  • Club Als
  • diet and exercise
  • outdoor activities such as walking, gardening and gardening activities
  • movies, games, computer and iPads

Holidays and anniversaries are celebrated.

Can I have an influence if I live or am a relative of a resident on Botilbud Alléen?

There is a focus on co-influence, and an event is held once per monthly residents' meeting with the option of choosing activities and chores.

We value a good and close collaboration with the residents' families and relatives, who are always welcome in the house. 

In addition, we collaborate with: 

  • sheltered workshops
  • educational institutions
  • doctors
  • dentist
  • the oligophrenia team
  • district psychiatry
  • ergo- and physiotherapists
  • municipal caseworkers
  • local businesses and others
Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for Botilbud Alléen.


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Residential institution Alléen
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