Residential institution BS Ingemanns Vej

Read more about residential institution BS Ingemanns Vej, which is a housing offer for adults with moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities.

Residential facility BS Ingemanns Vej is a residential facility for adults with moderately to severely impaired physical and mental functioning. There are staff including awake night watchmen around the clock - every day of the week. 

The accommodation is located in a quiet residential area approx. 2 km from the center of Sønderborg. There is a city bus connection close to the building. The accommodation is within walking distance of the forest and beach. There is a large green area behind the accommodation, where it is possible to do outdoor activities or relax. 

How to live at Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej?

The homes consist of 10 2-bedroom apartments, which are approx. 67 m2. There is a living room with a small kitchenette and refrigerator, separate bedroom and bathroom. There is an exit to the terrace. The apartments are on one level and are bright and spacious.

Around the building there is a large green area with fruit trees, swing and trampoline. 
There is a large communal terrace, which is very suitable for barbecue evenings.

There are common rooms consisting of two conversation kitchens, living room and toilet.

Housing Accommodation BS Ingemanns Vej

What diet do you get at Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej?

Residents of Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej have the opportunity to participate in a meal plan.

What activities are there at Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej?

We offer, among other things:

  • club Als
  • song and music
  • creative activities
  • Exercise, including participation in With the team sports.
  • services
  • movies, games, computer
  • concerts and events
  • celebration of holidays and birthdays
Can I have an influence if I live or are a relative of a resident on Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej?

We have a special focus on involving the residents in the daily decisions - also the residents who have a deficient spoken language through visual aids.

We cooperate with:

  • relatives and other significant people in the lives of the residents
  • sheltered workshops
  • doctors and dentists
  • oligophrenia team
  • district psychiatry
  • voluntary associations
  • ergo- physiotherapists
  • municipal caseworkers and others
Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for Botilbud BS Ingemanns Vej.

Residential institution BS Ingemanns Vej

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Residential institution BS Ingemanns Vej
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