Residential institution Engbo

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The residential institution Engbo is for residents permanently physically impaired and / or mentally challenged

The institution is located 10 min. from Gråsten center within walking distance to public transport. There are good shopping opportunities and the institution is close to the forest with handicap accessible paths and 2 km to the beach.

The residents are in employment during the day. Therefore, there are only staff at Engbo when the residents are free from employment. At night, there is a sleeping on-call duty, which the residents must be able to contact on their own if necessary.

How do you live at Botilbudet Engbo?

The institution consists of:

  • 6 apartments of 42 m each2, all of which have their own bathroom, kitchenette, living / sleeping area and terrace
  • The housing community has two larger outdoor areas with terraces for shared use
  • There is a shared kitchen, large living room and laundry room

Apartment at residential institution Engbo

Can I get food at Botilbudet Engbo?

At Engbo you have the opportunity to participate in a diet scheme.

What activities are there at Botilbudet Engbo?
  • Club Als
  • Support and accompaniment for shopping, doctor, hairdresser, laundry, cleaning
  • Healthy diet
  • Walks
  • Christmas trip
  • Summer party with relatives
  • LEV party
  • Garden party
  • Holiday colony 

Holidays, traditions and anniversaries are celebrated.

Can I have an influence if I live or am a relative of a resident of residential institution Engbo?

A residents' meeting is held once a month, where there is a special focus on involving the residents around close choices in everyday life.

We value a good and close collaboration with the residents' families and relatives. At Engbo, a relatives' council has been established, where meetings are held as needed.

In addition, we also collaborate with:

  • sheltered workshops
  • educational institutions
  • doctors
  • dentist
  • the oligophrenia team
  • ergo- and physiotherapists
  • municipal caseworkers
  • local businesses and others
Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for residential institution Engbo

Residential institution Engbo

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Residential institution Engbo
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