Residential institution Højløkke

Residential institution Højløkke is an offer for residents with permanent mental disabilities.

Housing offer Højløkke is an offer for residents with permanent impaired mental functioning, which is located in Rinkenæs in a quiet residential area near Gråsten. There are good bus connections and two km to the beach.

Residents need educational support and guidance during the day and evening, but must be able to manage for themselves at night.

How do you live at Botilbud Højløkke?

The residential institution Højløkke consists of:

  • Eight two-bedroom apartments of 42 m each2 with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette and access to its own small terrace
  • A large garden, communal terrace, carport and shed
  • Shared living room, kitchen and laundry room and storage room

The apartments are located with four apartments at each end of the house with the shared apartment in the middle. The physical surroundings at Højløkke are suitable for the disabled.

High loop

What does it cost to stay at Botilbud Højløkke?

Prices for rent:

Monthly rent 6.980,00
Deposit 16.530,00
Aconto water 350,00
Heat 450,00
Antenna 376,00
Is there a diet scheme at Botilbud Højløkke?

At Højløkke, there are individual service schemes where you have the opportunity to participate in a diet scheme.

What activities are there at Botilbud Højløkke?
  • Holiday colony
  • Opportunity to participate in With the team sports
  • In
  • Knitting club
  • Club Als
  • Garden party
  • Live party
  • Ipads, mobile and computer
  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Mindfulness meditation

In addition, the residents are encouraged to take responsibility for chores in the house on a daily basis:

Lawn mowing

Can I have an influence if I live or are a relative of a resident at Botilbud Højløkke?

A residents' meeting is held once a month.

We value a good and close collaboration with the residents' families and relatives, who are always welcome in the house. In addition, we collaborate i.a. with:

  • Protected workshops
  • Educational institutions
  • Doctors
  • Dentist
  • Municipal caseworkers
  • LEV
  • Local business people
  • Visiting friends / companions
Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for Housing Offer Højløkke.

Residential institution Højløkke

Contact us

Residential institution Højløkke
Højløkke 2, Rinkenæs
6300 Gråsten