Residential institution Langesøgården

A temporary and long-term housing offer for citizens with developmental disabilities.

Langesøgården is a housing offer for citizens with a developmental disability or late-developed citizens with psychiatric superstructures, attention disorders, attachment disorders and / or social strains.

Residential institution Langesøgården is located in Langesø on North Alsen close to Nordborg with shopping opportunities, association life, cinema, restaurants and sports facilities.

There is staff present around the clock. There is a night watchman.

How do you live at Langesøgården?

Langesøgården has 8 temporary homes and 4 long-term homes. All homes have a small terrace.

There are common areas in the form of a common room with TV, creativity and screened cosiness / relaxation nook with massage chair and relaxation music.

In addition, we have a patio, a gym and a classroom / meeting room. We have a shared bus for trips (user fee).

Pets are not allowed.

There is a shared laundry room with dryer and clotheslines.

Cozy corner

What does it cost to be at Langesøgården?

There is no actual service package at Langesøgården. Each citizen pays a small amount for the purchase of cleaning articles and for a common activity box. Citizens either learn to cook, cook in your own home or have a meal plan

Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for residential institution Langesøgården.

Residential institution Langesøgården

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Residential institution Langesøgården
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