Residential institution Løvkær

Read more about residential institution Løvkær - a housing offer with one-man measures.

Residential institution Løvkær is for citizens who often have challenges in relation to inappropriate behavior.

Løvkær is located 3 km from Sonderborg in a scenic and peaceful rural area.

It is staffed XNUMX/XNUMX, with two employees awake at night.

How do you live at Botilbud Løvkær?

Residential institution Løvkær consists of a main building with two wings and an outdoor area of ​​9100 m2. There are two wings, one with 4 apartments and one with five. Each apartment is approx. 70 m2. There are two further residences in close proximity to the main building.

The apartments contain a toilet and two rooms, one of which has a small kitchenette. All apartments have their own entrance from their own front garden with terrace and sheltered fence. In the middle of each long there is a communal kitchen.


Housing seen from the outside

What does it cost to stay at Botilbud Løvkær?

The rent is individual and is between DKK 6.000 - 8.000 depending on the size of the apartment. Deposits are 25.000 DKK

DKK 3.300,00 washing,

DKK DKK 242,00

DKK DKK 75,00

What activities are there at Botilbud Løvkær?

Løvkær offers individually tailored activities such as:

  • Small individual workshops with the possibility of using light motorized machines
  • Mooncar track, running route, exercise and movement
  • Gardening, creative work
  • Various activities outside the house according to individual needs.
  • Participation in smaller construction projects eg footpath, running route, rabbit cages etc.
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