Residential institution Nørrebo

Read more about residential institution Nørrebo, which is located in a terraced house area on the outskirts of Guderup.

Housing offer Nørrebo is a housing offer for adult citizens with mental retardation

The housing offer is located in a terraced house area on the outskirts of Guderup town within walking distance to shopping opportunities, bus connection and Nørreskoven.

There are staff from 07.00 am to 21.00 pm on weekdays and from 08.00 am to 21.00 pm on weekends.

How do you live at Botilbud Nørrebo?

Nørrebo has room for 10 residents, who live in separate apartments. Each apartment contains a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

The common areas consist of kitchen, dining kitchen, cozy nook, TV room and a nice terrace.

How to eat at Botilbud Nørrebo?

We are together to make breakfast and lunch. We get delivered good, healthy and varied dinner, and the smell of the food fills the kitchen when the food is heated. Residents can wish for special dishes on birthdays. We eat together and share the table setting. 

Where can I see supervision?

See supervision for residential institution Nørrebo.

Residential institution Nørrebo

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Residential institution Nørrebo
Klynstoft 34, Guderup
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