Brain injury coordination

The brain injury coordinator can advise and guide people who have sustained a brain injury.

If you have suffered a brain injury such as a blood clot in the brain, cerebral haemorrhage etc. or are a relative of a brain-injured person, you can use Sonderborg Municipality's brain injury coordinator.

The brain injury coordinator acts as a contact person between the hospital and the municipality and helps brain-injured citizens with advice and guidance in relation to dealing with changed living conditions at home, in leisure time and in relation to work. 

The brain injury coordinator does not carry out an actual case processing and does not have the competence to change municipal decisions.

Who can contact the brain injury coordinator?
  • You can contact yourself
  • Your relatives can get in touch
  • The hospital can contact the brain injury coordinators
  • Your own doctor can contact us
  • Professionals you are in contact with can arrange contact with the brain injury coordinators
Who can take advantage of the offer?

All citizens in Sonderborg Municipality who have suffered a brain injury as a result of:

  • Blood clots in the brain
  • Cerebral haemorrhage
  • Head trauma (traffic accident, fall, stroke)
  • Inflammatory conditions in the brain
  • Lack of oxygen (drowning, smoke poisoning or resuscitation after cardiac arrest)
  • Tumors in the brain
  • Prolonged consequences after concussion
What can the brain injury coordinator advise on?

Brain Injury Coordinator can provide guidance on the offers in Sonderborg Municipality, including:

  • support, work and leisure
  • family and network
  • training and prevention
  • activity and education
  • housing and aids
  • to cope with everyday life
  • escort and transport
  • care
  • guidance for relatives
  • Twice a year courses are held for relatives

Contact us

Competence Center for Brain Injury
Grundtvigs Allé 150
6400 Sønderborg