Business Service: help for your business

Sønderborg Municipality's Business Service is your entrance to guidance for your business. Get help with eg building permits, sign rules, environmental rules etc.

Business service is ready with help and guidance for you and your company, regardless of which industry your company belongs to.

What can Erhvervsservice help your company with?

Business services can help your company with:

  • To get an overview of which official procedures your project requires
  • Obtaining authority permits such as building permits and environmental approval - You can apply digitally for a building permit here
  • To clarify whether a site or a room can be approved for your project
  • To get an overview of sign and facade regulations
  • To get an overview of environmental and nature regulations
  • Have information about environmental rules or nature rules
  • And everything else that is relevant for your business to develop
What is a typical case management process like?

After contacting Erhvervsservice, a specific case is created for inquiries and applications. You will be assigned one contact person in the municipality, who will follow, inform and guide you in connection with your request.

We adapt the case processing to the specific case and have weekly screening meetings for business cases, where relevant representatives from the technical and environmental area participate. In this way, building rules, environmental rules, Planning Act, etc. are automatically taken into account, regardless of what your case is about. A properly completed application takes less time, so finally contact us before submitting your application if you are in doubt about what it takes.

During the process, close contact is maintained with you as a company, so that you can follow the process, the schedule and the various areas that need to be taken into account.

If your application is rejected, the reasons for this will be thoroughly reviewed and alternative options will be discussed with you.

Where can I find a comprehensive overview of all the municipality's offers for companies?

On you will find the municipal business universe, where you e.g. find a comprehensive overview of the various business offers.

See The business guide, which deepens and creates transparency in public offers, opportunities and services.

Where can I see case processing times on construction cases?

See all case processing times here.

Business service

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