Addresses and proof of residence

Provide a visible house number on your property so that the ambulance, fire brigade and police can easily and quickly find the address. Order a residence certificate here.

As a homeowner, you have a duty to put up a visible sign with your house number on your property. The house number must match the address that we have determined and registered (is on your health insurance certificate).

If you need to document that you are registered at your address or a previous address, you can order a residence certificate.

Can I get a residence certificate for my child?

If you need a residence certificate for children under 15, you can order an address request. You can contact the national archives if you need documentation from the time before 1971.

Can I order an address request?

If you need to find out another person's address, you can order an address request. If the person you are looking for has name and address protection, you must attach documentation of your claim in order to obtain the information.

If you are looking for information from before 1971, you must contact the National Archives.

Can I inquire about the number of residents at an address as the owner of a home?

If you, as the owner of a home, need to inquire about the number of residents at an address, you can request it.

Apply for the number of residents at an address on
What should I do if my GPS cannot find my address?

If there are problems finding your address, you can check the address on If the address is here, the address authority's data is ok. You can therefore advantageously report the error to your GPS provider, so that the GPS provider gets their data updated.

What should I do if my information on Google Maps or Krak is incorrect?

Report errors directly on the map page in Google Maps or send an email to Krak.

On Google Maps, select the menu next to the search box and 'Send feedback'.

Once we have made changes to the addresses of individuals or companies, it may take some time before the addresses are updated on digital maps, GPSs, smartphones and directories. Unfortunately, this is not something the municipalities can do anything about.


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