Conversations about alcohol

Do you want advice and guidance about alcohol? At the Health Center you can get help to change your alcohol habits.

The health center offers a course for you who:

  • want advice and guidance about alcohol
  • have a desire to change alcohol habits
What can I get help for?

A course consists of individual conversations, which may include:

  • motivation for and tools to change alcohol habits
  • the function and importance of alcohol for health
  • screening for alcohol consumption

We also have the opportunity to help you further to The abuse center, if we together uncover a relationship of abuse and dependence. 

Conversations can take place anonymously if desired.

Can I approach as a relative about someone who drinks too much?

Yes, you can also approach someone who drinks too much as a relative.

A course consists of individual conversations where you get advice and guidance in relation to handling the challenges you may experience as a relative of someone who drinks too much.

Man and alcohol

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