Councils, boards and committees

Get an overview of councils, boards and committees that cooperate with the City Council.

On this page you can read more about the various boards, commissions, councils and committees that are also part of Sønderborg Municipality, and possibly see the members.

The evening schools' consultation

Currently, 13 associations are members of the Consultation. The board consists of 5 people.

Culture, Sports & Leisure meet approx. Twice a year with Samrådet to discuss conditions and expectations for the evening schools' work.

Read more on the Evening Schools' consultation website

The Residents' Complaints Board (Beboerklagenævnet)

Read more about the Residents' Complaints Board.

The Emergency Preparedness Commission

In Sønderborg Municipality, it is Fire and Rescue and the members of the 15 volunteer fire brigades, which manages the municipal rescue service.

According to Section 9 of the Planning Act, all municipalities must have an emergency commission.

There are the following representatives in the Emergency Preparedness Commission for Sønderborg Municipality:

  • Erik Lauritzen, mayor (A), chairman
  • Frits Kjeldsen (Director of Police)
  • Kjeld Stærk (V)
  • Bjørn Allerelli Andersen (A)
  • Peter Thomsen (V)
  • Hans Egon Bendorff (representative of the volunteer fire brigade)
  • Allan Dalager Clausen, (Emergency Manager, Sønderborg Municipality)
  • Thorkild Christensen (Political elected)
  • Casper Witte (representative of the part-time workforce)
  • Ulrick Christiansen, employee representative (Emergency Sønderborg)
  • Tove Baun as observer (without voting rights) (as observer for De Frivillige)
The Grants Board

The Licensing Board is elected for the municipal election period and takes care of, among other things, liquor licenses, extended opening hours, manager approvals, prior statements on the possible establishment of new restaurants and notification of changes in the Executive Board and Board of Directors.

Apply for an alcohol license and driver approval on the police website.

The Licensing Board has been set up by the City Council and consists of a representative of the police elected by the Director of Police, an expert member with relevant knowledge of business economics and six other members appointed by the City Council:

  • Tom Holden Jensen (Chairman)
  • Erling Taul Jensen (deputy chairman) 
  • Steen Nørhart
  • Niels Thomsen
  • Tom Sivertsen
  • Mads Friis
  • Jan Bonefeld Andersen
  • Birgit Nielsen

Get application forms and guidance at:

South and Southern Jutland Police
Grant / Permits
Haderslevvej 52, 6200 Aabenraa

The Housing Commission

The Housing Commission decides whether a dwelling / a lease is harmful to health or flammable.

The housing commission consists of 9 members elected by the city council (3 politicians, 1 doctor, 1 construction expert, 1 from Brand & Redning, 1 lawyer, 1 from Sønderborg Grundejerforening and 1 from Lejernes Landsorganisation).

The Green Council

The Green Council's primary task is to advise Sønderborg Municipality on issues of principle within the municipality's administration of the Nature Conservation Act, the Environmental Objectives Act and other legislation or other tasks in relation to planning and administration of the open country, including nature restoration projects and nature dissemination.

You can have items on the agenda, either through the representatives of the council or through the secretariat. 
A number of project funds within the green area can only obtain a commitment for support if the local Green Council has recommended an application.

The Green Council for Sønderborg Municipality consists of a chairman, who is appointed by the municipality, and a representative from each of the following organizations and authorities:

  • LandboSyd
  • Agricultural Advisory South
  • Forest Growers' Association South
  • The Outdoor Council
  • VisitSønderborg
  • Danish Society for Nature Conservation
  • Museum South Jutland
  • The Danish Hunters' Association
  • The Danish Sport Fishermen's Association
  • Danish Ornithological Society
  • The Nature Guide Association in Sønderborg Municipality
  • The Nature Agency of Southern Jutland (as an observer)
  • Technical management (2 representatives)

Other organizations may obtain permanent membership of the Green Council after unanimous adoption at one of the Council meetings.

The Green Council in Sønderborg Municipality holds 2-3 annual meetings. One meeting takes place as an inspection trip to relevant places in the municipality. The meetings are not public, but by agreement with the chairman, guests can attend the meetings.

The Public Information Committee

The committee partly deals with cases of a principled nature, such as premises rules and subsidy schemes, and partly cases of a more practical nature, such as the allocation of premises and the approval of new associations. In addition, the committee processes the applications received by the various pools in the area. Finally, the committee is a consultative body in connection with budgeting and in a number of other matters.

The public information committee's election period is the same as the City Council's.

The committee consists of members elected by the associations that are actors in the field of public information, as well as by members appointed by the City Council.

See the current members here.

The basic list committee

The basic list committee is a politically appointed committee of 5 members.

The committee's task is once every 4 years to select a number of persons who must be considered suitable to act as judges / lay judges and juries.

A lay judge is a man or woman without a legal degree who, together with the legal judges in the city and district court, listens to all the arguments of the defense and the prosecution in a criminal case.

The task of the lay judge is, together with the legal judges, to convict or acquit the person accused of having violated the penal code.

Read more about the lay judge system here

The Basic List Committee consists of:

The border triangle

The border triangle is a cross-border collaboration between Flensburg, Aabenraa and Sønderborg. 

The purpose of the cooperation is to create development and growth in the Border Triangle. The collaboration focuses on joining forces between the municipalities and exchanging information. The meetings ensure that you know about each other's challenges, ideas and projects, so that you can support the efforts that benefit the community as best as possible. The collaboration focuses on the following general topics:

  • Business development
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Green transition

The members of the Border Triangle meet at least three times a year and the host rotates. 
The following politicians from Sønderborg Municipality participate:

Each municipality appoints a project manager from the municipal administration, who forms part of a joint working group that serves the meetings of the Border Triangle.

The Disability Council

The Disability Council advises the municipal council on disability policy issues and deals with all local policy issues that concern people with disabilities.

The Disability Council does not deal with specific personal and complaint cases, but discusses issues of a more general nature and makes proposals for both political and administrative initiatives.

The Disability Council consists of a total of 10 people.

  • 5 members from DH (Danish Handicap Organizations), appointed on the recommendation of DH
  • 2 politicians from Sønderborg Municipality's city council
  • 3 officials from Sønderborg Municipality

Members of the Disability Council can be seen by clicking here.

Read the statutes of the Handicaprådet.

Fence view

The Fence Inspectorate makes decisions in accordance with the Fence Act in cases where there are disagreement about hedges, fences or planting on plots.

Hegnsynet consists of 3 members appointed by the City Council:

Chairman Svend Erik Petersen
Deputy: Jørgen Christensen

Member Ulrick Christiansen (Building Expert)
Deputy: Peter Sandholt

Member  Lars Romsøe Grandt (Plant expert)
Deputy: Hans V. Moldt

The Rent Board (Huslejenævnet)

Read more about the Rent Board here.

The Sports Council

The Sports Council is a consultative party in connection with the establishment of rules and guidelines in the field of sports. The council is also consulted in connection with the determination of criteria for room allocation and distribution of downtime.

The Sports Council consists of 10 members.

The municipality's leisure department and the Sports Council hold approx. 4 annual meetings to coordinate and coordinate expectations and work tasks.

Read more on the Sports Council's website.

Integration Council

The Integration Council is a consultation council that holds approx. 6 meetings a year, where the members comment on matters that the City Council or some of the municipality's committees want to know the Integration Council's position on. 

Since 2005, the council has awarded the municipality's integration prize Bridge Builder of the Year.

The Integration Council consists of 16 members. 8 are citizens of Sønderborg Municipality with an ethnic background other than Danish. In addition, there are 2 members of the Council, which represents the City Council and 6 members, which represent the day care boards, the school boards, the language center, the association area and the employment area.

Representatives of immigrants and descendants

  • Imee Nielsen (frontperson)
  • Mahmoud Kayed (Vice-Chairman)
  • Rashid Oso
  • Hello Blal
  • Ismail Ibo 
  • Kavita Govind
  • Oksana Zagorulko
  • Hanane Gheith
  • Nouhal Abdul Rahman (deputy)
  • Rima Hani Borkagi (substitute)

City council members

Members by appointment

  • Pia Simon Rautert (daycare centers)
  • Rune Dohrmann (the schools)
  • Bente Lauritzen (NGOs) 
  • Tine Hamann Christensen (the job center) 
  • Camilla Nielsen (social housing initiative)
  • Hanne Thomsen (Public Information Committee)
  • Isabella Farnleitner (the language schools)
The Land Purchase Board

The Land Purchase Board can change land (buy land and pay with land).

That is, buy land for agricultural activities if the municipality needs extra land for a land distribution, to provide land to supplement agriculture and to provide land to preserve the landscape and buy land for non-agricultural activities for eg: drinking water security, nature restoration, urban development and leisure areas.

The members of the Land Purchase Board have been appointed by Sønderborg City Council:

City Council:

Email address:


Erik Lauritzen (A) chairman

Stephan Kleinschmidt (S)

Asger Romme Andersen (O) Jesper Smaling (A)

Kristian Bonefeld (V)

Thomas Worm Larsen (V)

Tage Petersen (V)

Jimmy Simonsen (V)

Sønderjysk Family Farming:



Niels Iwang



Camilla Louise Bak  
Martin Lambert Pedersen (deputy)   

The Outdoor Council:


Birger Jonsson

Søren Flensburg

Danish Society for Nature Conservation:


Torben Nielsen

Martin R Jessen

Municipal Contact Council (KKR)

KL has five municipal contact wires (KKR) - one in each region.
KKR looks after the municipalities' interests in the regional areas. Here, KKR works to provide the individual municipal council with the best possible framework and conditions for effectively providing service to the citizens.

KKR consists of all the mayors in the region and a number of local council members, so the composition reflects the distribution of votes in the local elections.
KKR Syddanmark includes the 22 municipalities in South Jutland and on Funen. There live approx. 1,3 million inhabitants in the region of Southern Denmark.

In KKR Syddanmark, the members meet to discuss, set common lines and coordinate the municipalities' regional policy efforts.

You can read more about KKR here.

The Arts Council

The purpose of the Arts Council is to strengthen the quality of the art and the art experiences offered in the municipality. The Arts Council is a mandatory stakeholder in all municipal matters related to art, procurement of art, relocation and renovation of existing works of art as well as preparation of policies and plans. In addition, the Danish Arts Council advises on art projects in accordance with the scheme for the use of part of construction sums for artistic decoration (1 per cent of the art scheme).

Sønderborg Municipality's Arts Council consists of the following members:

  • 1 art representative appointed by and from Sønderjyllands Kunstskole
  • 1 art representative appointed by and from art associations in Sønderborg Municipality
  • 1 art representative appointed by and from art galleries located in Sønderborg Municipality
  • 1 artistic representative on the recommendation of the Association of Visual Artists (BKF)
  • 1 member with a background as an architect with insight into urban space architecture on the recommendation of the Academic Architects' Association
Field and Road Peace

If you want seek compensation for damage caused by stray animals, you can submit your complaint to Mark- og Vejfred.

The assessors under the Land and Road Peace Act consist of a chairman and two other assessors - appointed by the City Council.

Region South Jutland-Schleswig

Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig is a collaboration between Aabenraa Municipality, Sønderborg Municipality, Tønder Municipality and Haderslev Municipality and Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg, Kreis Nordfriesland and the city of Flensburg.

The collaboration aims to improve the conditions for growth and the cultural cohesion in the region, among other things. through the strengthening of linguistic competences and cultural diversity.

The region covers a geographical area of ​​8.000 km². The area has 700.000 inhabitants, of which 450.000 in Germany and 250.000 in Denmark.

Further information is available at Region Sø 

Read more about the offer for commuters at, which is a service offer for anyone who wants to work or settle on the other side of the border. Commuter info guides i.a. on tax, social insurance and labor market conditions.

Sønderborg Music Council

Sønderborg Municipality has a collaboration agreement with Sønderborg Music Council, which acts as a council for Sønderborg Municipality on a daily basis when it comes to processing fund applications for musical projects and new initiatives. 

You can read more about the music council here.

Exposure Council

The Vulnerability Council is a mouthpiece for society's socially disadvantaged and focuses on our understanding of social vulnerability, who are socially disadvantaged, and not least what significance policies and decisions have for some people to become socially vulnerable.

The Vulnerability Council works with the following groups:

  • Homeless people
  • People with alcohol or drug abuse
  • People in prostitution
  • People with mental illness or who are mentally vulnerable
  • Young and old on the way out in vulnerability
  • Violent people
  • Lonely people
  • Relatives of the vulnerable.

Through our work and our dialogue with politicians, professionals and vulnerable citizens, the Council for the Vulnerable tries to influence prejudices about the socially disadvantaged, to prevent more people from ending up in vulnerability and to improve the situation for the municipality's vulnerable.

The aim is for the Vulnerable Council to have knowledge and practical experience in all areas and to have representatives from both public and voluntary organizations as well as citizens from the municipality with a background as a vulnerable person or with special knowledge of the vulnerable area.

The Committee on Vulnerability does not deal with specific personal and complaint cases, but discusses issues of a more general nature and makes proposals for both political and administrative initiatives.

If you have suggestions for themes or areas that you think the exposed council should work with, you are welcome to contact us here.

The vulnerable council consists of a total of 18 people. Click here to see the list of members and deputies.

Committee on Sustainability and Rural Affairs

On can you see an overview over all the local communities in Sønderborg Municipality and find contact. You can also see one description of all the villages or read the committee's agenda here.

The committee consists of the following politicians:

Volunteers and deputies by area:

Area: Name: Village pool: Email: Phone / mobile:
Gr. Gray stone Erik Møller Jørgensen Adsbøl  
Gr. Sundewood Asmus Madsen Avnbøl-Ullerup 21 76 31 30
Substitute Ebbe Hansen Sottrup forest  
Gr. Broager Helle Johannsen Dynt-Skelde-Gammelgap 21 63 23 40
Gr. Sønderborg Poul Madsen Dear Peninsula  
Gr. Nordals Agnes Nielsen Svenstrup 40 98 92 89
Substitute Kent Munch Nordals Village Association PAK 23 43 27 70
Gr. Sydals Erling Junker Slide image 23 61 47 29
Gr. Augustenborg Henning Wendelboe Chain forest  
Substitute Karin Autzen Asserball 51 83 88 83

Contact persons in the municipality

Kathrine Klærke - Head of Rural Districts, Nature and Food

Mobile: 27 90 51 31

Connie Mark Skovbjerg, Rural Coordinator 

Mobile: 28 89 80 21

Carl Erik Maae, Village Developer

Mobile: 27 90 54 69

The Youth Council

All young people in the municipality are welcome in Sønderborg Ungdomsråd (SUR), regardless of whether you want to be a member, participate in events, be a volunteer or just want to support the council. 

Sønderborg Youth Council wants to help support and create social activities and opportunities for young people under our two pillars, Culture and Democracy. At the same time, Sønderborg Youth Council wants to create awareness about the initiatives, by and for young people, that already exist in the municipality.

Sønderborg Ungdomsråd is not a fully formed youth council, but is instead a dynamic council that is constantly evolving, and we always try to get better and meet wishes and ideas.

Sønderborg Youth Council holds general meetings and elections in October every year.

Youth council pool - pool for youth initiatives

On the occasion of Sønderborg Municipality becoming the Youth Municipality of the Year in Denmark in 2017, the City Council has set aside DKK 90.000 in a pool for activities and events - arranged by young people for young people.

Do you have a good idea for an activity, an event or something completely different for / by / with young people between 15 and 25 years? Then search the pool via our online application form.

The pool is DKK 90.000 and can be applied for by all young people, or people who do activities or events for young people between 15 - 25 years in Sønderborg Municipality.

Sønderborg Ungdomsråd assesses all applications, and there is a maximum of 14 days response time for the application.

If you have questions about the pool, the application or Sønderborg Ungdomsråd in general, you can send an email to sonderborg youth

The growth thread

Sønderborg Vækstråd will, among other things, create more jobs and attract new labor to vacancies in the Sønderborg area.

Read more about the Growth Council on their website.

The Council of the Elderly

The Elderly Council is an advisory consultative body that advises the municipality's politicians on elderly policy issues. They convey views between citizens and the City Council on local policy issues concerning the elderly. 

The Elderly Council looks after the interests of the elderly in all areas that are important to them. It is well-being in the municipality, including social, cultural, traffic, housing and urban planning conditions. Preventive work is also an important part of the activities of the Council of the Elderly. The work of the Council of the Elderly must cover the interests of all the elderly, regardless of functional level.

The Elderly Council consists of:

  • Kirsten Bielefeldt (chairman) 
  • Dieter Jessen (Vice-Chairman)
  • Bruno Clausen
  • Thorkild Jacobsen
  • Tommy Andersen
  • Orla Skovlund Hansen
  • Marianne R. Nielsen
  • Birgit Nebel
  • And Ove Larsen

Contact the chairman on tel. +45 20 95 09 51 or e-mail

Read the statutes of the Elderly Council.

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