Sønderborg in the Work label (CSR label)

Every year, Sønderborg i Arbejde awards a label to local companies that take on social responsibility.

The Sønderborg i Arbejde brand must make visible and recognize the social responsibility that many local companies undertake every day.

What is Sønderborg in Arbejde?

Sønderborg i Arbejde is a partnership between companies, educational institutions, trade unions and Sønderborg Municipality to get more people into work.

The partnership works to create a future-proof local labor market, where companies do well and as many people as possible have a good job. 

Who can get Sønderborg in the Arbejde label?

Your company can be certified as a socially responsible company if it is located in Sønderborg Municipality and has made an effort in at least 2 out of 3 of the following areas:

  1. The spacious labor market
    The company makes room for people in vulnerable positions
  2. Well-being and sick leave
    The company combats sickness absence and poor well-being
  3. Education and lifelong learning
    The company contributes to strengthened skills and training for the workforce of the future
How do you apply for the Sønderborg i Arbejde label?

You must send a digital application for your company to be considered for receiving the Sønderborg i Arbejde label. In the application, you must describe your social efforts within the three areas included in the criteria.

What can my company use the Sønderborg i Arbejde brand for?

Companies that are awarded the Sønderborg i Arbejde label have the opportunity to use it in recruitment and marketing contexts and show the outside world that they take on a voluntary social responsibility and contribute to sustainable development in the municipality.

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