Cultural agreement Southern Jutland-Schleswig

Cultural agreement across the Danish-German border brings together the forces to develop culture. The agreement entered into force on 1 January 2021 and is valid until 2024.

Within the Southern Jutland-Schleswig Cultural Agreement, borderless cultural life can flourish with diversity as a breeding ground, and the area's cultural qualities can be strengthened and further developed in close cooperation.

Over the past 25 years, there have been countless Danish-German cultural projects across the border, and the cultural agreement has a significant share in this work.

About Kulturaftale Sønderjylland-Schleswig

Sønderborg Municipality is one of the partners behind Kulturaftale Sønderjylland-Schleswig. Until 2024, culture must work purposefully and coordinated to develop culture across the Danish-German border and focus on children and young people.

The other partners are:

  • the other southern Jutland municipalities
  • Kreis Nordfriesland
  • Schleswig-Flensburg district
  • City of Flensburg
  • South Denmark Region
  • Ministry of Education
  • Science and culture in Schleswig-Holstein
  • and the Danish Ministry of Culture

The agreement has a total budget of almost DKK 19.8 million. kroner. This is the third time since 2013 that the circle of partners has agreed on a cross-border Danish-German cultural agreement.

Music, cultural heritage and communities across the border

The cultural agreement has a special focus on children and young people, who through art, culture and movement must be brought together in communities of interest and open their eyes to the possibilities in the border country. Creative communities and common cultural heritage are the main headlines that will characterize the four-year cultural agreement. Although children and young people will play a major role in the activities of the cultural agreement, adults are also an important focus group. Children and young people need to be able to reflect on the commitment of adults and see it as natural in a border country to cross the border to experience culture.

Can you apply for support for Danish/German projects?

Borgerprojektfonden supports civic projects and Danish-German meetings in our region. The foundation aims to strengthen trust across the border and understanding of the neighboring country's culture, language and society. Experiences from Danish-German activities must support the experience that it is attractive to live and work in a border region.

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