Kultur på recept - cultural courses for the sick and the long-term unemployed

Sonderborg Municipality offers the course "Kultur på recept" to citizens who are on sick leave or long-term unemployed with stress, anxiety or depression.

The course is an eight-week course for you who are on sick leave or long-term unemployed with mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression.

"Kultur på recept" in Sonderborg Municipality links culture and health in order to alleviate illness.

How does Culture take place on the recipe course?

The course takes place over eight weeks with two weekly meetings. You will be part of a group of up to 16 participants, who meet for 1-3 hours each time.

On the course you will try your hand at different cultural activities in Sonderborg Municipality, for example:

  • Shared reading - Listen to fictional texts and have a good talk about the text
  • Try your hand at different techniques in the world of art, and explore current art exhibitions about contemporary art
  • With mindfulness, yoga and presence exercises, you can get help to notice the interaction between body and soul.
  • Singing together - Sing with others and get energy and a smile on your face
  • Come "behind the scenes" to a new world, where you will experience classical music and hear about the symphony orchestra's activities with the opportunity to attend a rehearsal
  • Find peace in nature in the company of a nature guide who will take you on an experience
  • Relive the whir of history on Dybbøl Banks

The course requires no special prerequisites, just your motivation and desire to experience culture at eye level and be part of a social community with others.

Where does Culture take place on prescription?

The course takes place at local cultural institutions in the Sonderborg area.

How do I become part of the Culture on the prescription course?

You can contact the culture coordinator via email - lyfa@sonderborg.dk or on the phone 27 90 45 52 for more information.

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