Activity centers and daycare centers for the elderly

If you need distraction in your everyday life, you are free to use an activity center. If you need help and support, you can apply for a place in a daycare center.

If you need training, help, support or socializing, then daycare may be for you.

Sonderborg Municipality offers free rehabilitation, training and activities in the municipality's daycare.

You are free to participate in the activities while you are being examined for rehabilitation and training.

Where can I find an activity center / daycare center?
The day care centers are located at the municipality's care centers.
Activity center / daycare Phone number Opening hours
Amaliehaven +45 51 43 74 36 Mon - Fri.
Broager +45 88 72 45 45  Mon - Fri.
Dalsmark +45 74 65 04 00 Mon - Fri.
Dybbøl +45 88 72 45 75 Mon - Thurs.
Gråsten +45 88 72 45 94 Mon - Fri.
God shout +45 29 99 02 40 Mon - Fri.
Hørup +45 23 93 96 82 Mon - Fri.
Mølleparken +45 88 72 62 85 Mon - Fri.
Tandsbjerg +45 88 72 67 86 Mon - Fri.
Seaweed garden +45 88 70 18 41 Mon - Fri.
What activities do you do at an activity center?

The activities range widely and include, for example:

  • Crafts, card games, wood workshop, singing and music
  • Wellness, wine tasting, fitness and cafe
  • Concerts, excursions, theater and entertainment
  • Lecture, computer and reading club

The activities will vary from place to place and from day to day.

We encourage you, your relatives or your helper to contact the activity center that offers activities you would like to participate in.

How do I get to daycare?

Offering daycare requires that you are referred for daycare, and you and / or your relatives can contact the visitation department (see contact information at the bottom of the page) or fill in the application form at the top of the page.

You can be referred to a daycare center in the morning, afternoon or all day as needed and make an appointment with you and your relatives. The offers on the sites may vary in content. When you are offered daycare, you are also offered to eat at the daycare.

Can I be granted transport to / from daycare?

It is possible to be referred for transport to / from daycare.

The price of transport in 2022:

  • Daily single trip NOK 34,00.
  • Daily return 67,00 kr.
  • Maximum payment per. month DKK 535,00
Where can I find quality standards and rates?

See all quality standards here.

See all tariffs here.

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