Digital mail for citizens

It is mandatory for all citizens over the age of 15 to be able to send and receive the mail digitally to and from the public sector.

Mail to and from the public sector often contains sensitive personal information, such as your civil registration number. It is therefore mandatory that you can receive and send your digital mail securely. Your private e-mail address (eg from hotmail, g-mail, ofir etc.) can therefore not be used. Instead, you must use your digital mailbox on or 

When you receive the mail, it is done via a secure connection. This means that no unauthorized person can access your mail when it is on its way to and from your digital mailbox. The digital mailbox is protected by your MitID and is as secure as an online bank. The mailbox is connected to your civil registration number. and will follow you whether you change address or change email.

Where do I read public mail?

You have one mailbox for mail from the public sector – this is what we call Digital Post. But you can read, answer and react to your Digital Post via several different platforms. You are free to choose which platforms you want to use.

 Read more about Digital Post at

Can I be exempted from receiving digital mail?

If you cannot receive your post from the public sector digitally, you have the option of being exempt from Digital Post and instead receive the post as ordinary paper post.

Read more about Exemption from Digital Post at

Can I give others read access to my digital mail?

If you would like to receive the mail from the public digitally, but have difficulty using the digital mailbox, you can give reading access to a relative. The person to whom you grant read access uses its own digital mailbox as an input to read the mail that enters your digital mailbox. If you give others read access to your digital mailbox, you will still receive mail in your digital mailbox, but the person with read access can help you read and organize the mail.

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Can I sign up for NemSMS so I don't forget appointments with the government?

NemSMS is a service for you, so you do not forget your agreements with the public. With NemSMS you will receive service messages per. sms from public authorities.

Sign up for NemSMS here.

You can easily be registered for NemSMS, even if you are exempt from Digital Post.

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