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Most citizens are supplied with drinking water from water plants. Check the quality of your drinking water, find your water plant, see the hardness of the water and so on.

In Sonderborg Municipality, the vast majority of citizens are supplied with drinking water from waterworks. Where it is not possible to be connected to a water plant, citizens are supplied with drinking water from their own well / drillhole (individual extractors).

On the water council's website, you can find contact information for that water plant, which supplies you with drinking water. Contact the water plant if you want to know the price of your water, report your water consumption or ask about the water quality.

What should I do if I have a water pipe break?

If you have a water pipe break, contact your water plant. Find contact information on your private waterworks on Sønderborg Water Council's website.

Where can I see water quality and hardness of the water?

You can check the quality of the drinking water from your water plant here. If you are in doubt about where you get your drinking water from, you may be able to find the water plant name on your water bill or try calling us (see the contact box at the bottom of the page) to find out.

Get more information on how to read your water analysis or see the water hardness on Sønderborg Forsyning's website.

Sonderborg Municipality controls water analyzes from the water plants and the individual extractors in relation to the legal requirements.

What should I do if my drinking water is hazardous to health?

If an inspection shows that the drinking water from a water supply is hazardous to health, it is the municipality's responsibility to deal with the problem. Sønderborg Municipality can, among other things, order the water supply to issue a recommendation to all consumers to boil the water before use. The municipality can also order the water supply to improve the drinking water quality. This also applies to individual winners.

In the case of a general water supply, the municipality discusses the restrictions on the use of drinking water with the National Board of Health.

How do we protect the drinking water in Sønderborg Municipality?

So-called action plans are prepared for all water plants in Sonderborg Municipality:

The adopted action plans in Sonderborg Municipality state that voluntary agreements must be entered into for pesticide-free operation in the vast majority of borehole protection areas (BNBO).

Do I have to take a water sample if I have my own borehole or well?

As a starting point, all water supplies are covered by the rules for monitoring the quality of drinking water. However, water supplies that only supply one household without supplying water to a food business or to a commercial or public activity (e.g. schools, leisure facilities, sports facilities, barracks, campsites, shopping centres, rental properties, Bed & Breakfast, daycare centers and foster families) are exempt from control. .

If you are exempt from the requirement for control, however, Sønderborg Municipality recommends that you still take a simplified control water sample at least every 4 years.

If the water supply supplies water to several households without supplying water to a food business or to a commercial or public activity, a simplified control of the water must be taken. In Sønderborg Municipality, it has been decided that this must happen at least every 4 years.

If the water supply supplies water to a food business or to a commercial or public activity, there is a greater requirement to control the water.

If you have questions about which type of water sample you should take, you can contact Vand og Natur.

Read more about requirements for the control of drinking water here

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