Education for young people and the Youth Center

Read more about Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning, Sønderborg Ungdomsskole, STU and 10th grade.

The youth center is for ALL young people in Sønderborg Municipality between 13-25 years.

The youth center consists of:

What educations are there for young people?

Read the Education Booklet with an overview of the educational opportunities for 2023.

At you can see an overview of the youth educations in Sønderborg. You can also get an overview of all educational opportunities in Denmark at Uddannelsesguiden.

Where can I get guidance on choosing youth education?

If you would like to know more about your options for education and are between 18 and 24 years old, you can contact yours UU supervisor at Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning, whether you need to start education, drop out or just need guidance. 

A UU supervisor has a broad knowledge of the youth educations and is trained to guide, guide and listen in relation to your dreams, wishes and competencies.

If you are between 15 and 25 years old and are not engaged in an education, a job or another activity, your UU supervisor is obliged to ensure that you are offered supervision. 

If you have a more general question, you can also get an answer by using eVejledning.

Children who go to primary or private school are also visited by a UU supervisor in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade, where guidance is given on education, admission requirements for educations, work experience og after-school stay. Students' educational readiness (ability to complete an upper secondary education) is assessed.

What offers for young people does Sønderborg Ungdomsskole have?

All young people from 7th grade and up to 18 years have the opportunity to participate in the middle school activities - completely free. However, you must pay for travel / tours yourself.

The upper secondary school has, among other things, the following offers for the young people:

  • Creative and academic subjects, sports activities, exciting teaching in primary schools, weekend courses and travel / trips
  • Possibility to take moped driving license, speedboat certificate, traffic-related first aid and other certificates and certificates
  • Access to 11 youth clubs, where you can play billiards and table tennis, surf the net, play computer games, dance, sing karaoke and meet friends
  • 10th grade, where we challenge you with new friends, communities and different learning
  • Reception classes where new young people in Denmark learn Danish
  • 3 shelters for 9-14 year olds in social housing areas
  • School leisure coordinators at 7 schools

Read more on Ungdomsskolen's website.

Is 10th grade something for me?

The 10 is Sønderborg Municipality's offer for you who want an extra school year. See more on the 10's website.

What is Specially Organized Youth Education (STU)?

Specially Designed Youth Education (STU) is a 3-year education for young people with special needs who cannot complete another youth education, not even with educational support and/or aids. Most young people start STU in August, but it is also possible to start in April and September.

In Sønderborg Municipality, STU courses are offered at UlkebøldamRendbjerg Favn and in The Royal Kitchen Garden.

You must contact Ungdommens Uddannelsvejlenning (UU) to be guided about your options for STU. Your UU supervisor will, together with you and your relatives, complete a recommendation form for the visitation committee for STU in the municipality, which will determine whether you are in the target group for STU and which STU offer you will receive.

The STU is planned individually, and therefore your UU supervisor makes your education plan together with you and your relatives.

It is possible to apply for coverage of transport costs if you have more than 11 km each way from home to school, or if you have special driving needs.

In some cases, you may receive one residential care according to STU, if you are in the target group.

Read more about STU on the website of the Ministry of Children and Education.

Read more about the visitation process in Sønderborg Municipality


Can I be offered special education?

Read more about special education here.

Can I get a Leisure Pass if I cannot pay for my child's leisure activity myself?

The leisure pass is an offer for children and young people between the ages of 3 and 23 whose parents do not have the resources to enroll their children in a voluntary club or association.

Read more about Lesirue Pass (Fritidspasset) here.

What is the SSP effort?

The SSP effort is a collaboration between the school, the Children and Family Department and the police. SSP works to prevent crime and abuse, and to promote the well-being of children and young people.

This is done, among other things:

  • Through preventive education of parents and children
  • Team building for classes and year groups
  • Individual conversations and initiatives
  • Concerns
  • Efforts for specific target groups
  • Facilitation of communities etc.
  • Leisure passes and wage subsidies for leisure jobs
  • Active summer holiday, where the municipality's children have the opportunity for a lot of fantastic experiences
What is a street plan employee?

The municipality has a street plan employee who offers help to young people between the ages of 10 and 18 with problems in relation to crime, abuse, school or family.

The street plan employees work in the young people's environments and can, among other things, help with:

  • Anonymous advice
  • Conversation partner
  • Refer and / or accompany for other help
  • Make contact with clubs and associations in the local community
Can I get a Youth Card for a discount on public transport if I study or am young?

Read more about the options for a Youth Card.

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