Employment in social psychiatry

Read more about sheltered employment, work-oriented learning processes and the activity and development center.

Vækthuset Socialpsychiatrien offers:

  • Sheltered employment
  • Work-oriented learning courses
  • Activity and development centre
  • STU

The social psychiatric service is divided into two departments:

  • The Royal Kitchen Garden, Gråsten
  • Sønderborg Castle
Who can use the offers in Væksthuset Socialpsykiatrien?

To participate in an offer or learning process, you must be visited by the Job and Welfare authorities department or The job center.

What is a learning process like?

The learning processes are organized to suit you and your learning pace.

In all learning processes, there will be some common themes, which are about work culture, among other things. social skills, personal appearance, communication and rules in the labor market.

Read more about the learning processes in the Greenhouse

Where can I view audit reports?

See all inspection reports here.

The Royal Kitchen Garden

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