Apply for a building permit and get help in Kvik Caféen

If you need to build, extend or rebuild, you can get help in Kvik Caféen with your building application.

Byg & Miljø is a nationwide application system where you can, among other things:

  • Make a building application for houses, cottages, conservatories and garages
  • Apply for commercial construction
  • Apply for demolition of existing buildings
  • Apply for the establishment of geothermal heating systems, wastewater systems, oil tanks and extraction systems

Please note that at least 14 days before the work starts you must report noise, dust and vibration (temporary activities).

We charge a construction fee from 1 January 2023. See more below.

Do I need a building permit?

Read here if a building permit is required

Where can I get help with my construction case?

Get help with construction cases in Kvik-Caféen for example:

  • cases created in Byg & Miljø 
  • construction matters (remember MyID and drawings of the desired project, to access Building & Environment)
  • change of heat source
  • to update BBR
  • cancellation of oil tank
  • questions about wastewater
  • information on local plans

When we receive your application, we will review it overall. This means that we automatically take into account building regulations, environmental regulations, Planning Act, etc., regardless of what your case is about.

Where can I see my construction items?

You can find your construction case in the construction case archive:

  1. open
  2. Log in with MitID
  3. Open 'My Page' and 'Home'
  4. Click on 'Property address', which opens under 'Property'
  5. The dialog 'Construction cases - WebLager' opens
  6. You now see the available construction cases in pdf

We have scanned the construction cases in an A and B case. 

  • A-case contains the permit and drawings of the case.
  • B-case contains other information and may require access to documents, if there is sensitive personal information.
Where can I see local plans for my area?

See all local plans here. You can also apply for a local plan.

Where can I see the rules around construction?

Read more in the Building Regulations.

Where do I complain about my construction case?

Your complaint must be submitted to the Board of Trustees.

Where can I find case processing times for construction cases?

See case processing times here.

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