Erik Lauritzen

Born year

Chairman of:

Number of personal votes in the last local elections:
Memberships and board positions Annual remuneration in DKK
Mayor 1.142.614,67
Chairman of The Land Purchase Board -
Chairman of The Emergency Preparedness Commission -
Member of the Board of Representatives of Sønderborg Growth Council -
Member of KL's Board of Representatives -
Deputy chairman of KL's Climate Action Committee 72.000,00
Member of the District Council regarding the activities of the police -
Member of the board of the Project Zero Foundation -
Deputy chairman of the board of Sydtrafik 44.700,00
Deputy member of the Board of Directors of Sønderborg Forsyning Holding A / S -
Member of the Sønderjyske Coordination Committee -
Member of the board of Erhvervsuddannelsescenter Syd -
Member of the Border Triangle -
Member of the board of Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig -
Member of the Board of Sct. Jørgens Hospital -
Member of the board of Sønderborg Airport A / S -
Delegated to the National Association of Local Authorities -
Member of the Nomination Board -
Member of Kommunekredit's Board of Directors 77.168,00
Member of the board of AlsFynForbindelsen -