Facts about Sonderborg Municipality

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Sønderborg Municipality has 73.831 inhabitants per. on January 1, 2021 and is the country's 16th largest municipality. Approx. 5.500 employees to take care of the municipality's operation, development and administration. 

Sønderborg Municipality's total area is 495,86 km2. There live approx. 150 people per. km2.

The municipal discharge rate is 25,7 per cent. The land debt per mille is 27,1 prm. The church tax rate is 0,91 per cent. 

Sønderborg Municipality's core narrative

Read about the Positioning Plan for Sønderborg Municipality here

Sønderborg Municipality's visions

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Population forecast

Here you can read the latest population forecast valid for the period 2024-2028. Among other things, the forecast provides a picture of how many children there must be room for in the municipality's day care institutions and how many pupils there are potentially in the individual school districts.

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