Flexible housing

The municipality has the option of allowing year-round housing to be exempted from the requirement of residency.

As a homeowner, you can apply to the municipality to use your year-round home for so-called flex housing. This means that the home can be used as both a year-round home and a holiday home.

If a local plan lays out the area for year-round residence, the municipality cannot grant permission for flexible housing.

Agricultural properties are subject to a residency requirement and therefore cannot achieve flex housing status.

Who and how is permission granted?

The municipality only grants personal permits for flexible housing. This means that a flexible housing permit expires upon a change of ownership.

A flexible housing permit is granted based on a specific assessment of e.g. the local environment, so that consideration is given to whether a flex housing will be able to support an area or affect it negatively.

Permission is granted if there are no planning restrictions in the area, and if it is assessed that the property's location, size and condition creates a limited attractiveness in relation to a real sale as year-round residence.

Where can a flexible housing permit be granted?

There is basically the possibility of a flexible housing permit in the open country in general as well as in local towns and villages in the urban pattern (see picture), unless a local plan for the area prescribes otherwise.

When buying and selling, account is taken of the property's length of stay. In the main cities and regional towns, a stay of at least 6 months is required.

Is a flex home bound by a residency requirement?

When a home is registered as a flex home, there is no residency requirement. You can therefore use the home as a holiday home or, for example, leave it empty in connection with renovation without the home legally changing status. The advantage of a flex home as opposed to an actual holiday home is that it is easy to move permanently into the house and use it as a year-round home if you should feel like it.

How do I apply for a flexible housing permit?

Applications for flexible housing are sent to byg-bolig@sonderborg.dk

Remember to justify why you are applying for a flexible housing permit for the property in question.

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