Report needed maintenance

Mark on the map and report potholes in the road, bent signs, defective street lights, traffic-killed animals or anything else that we need to fix via your computer or smartphone.

If you come across a pothole in the road, a full rubbish bin, a bent sign, faulty street light or other conditions we are not aware of, give us a shout. 

If we assess that your report is urgent, we will rectify it immediately. Other reports will be included in the planning of the operation and maintenance.

How do I give a quote with my mobile?

With our app for smartphone, you can report needed maintenance when you encounter them. All you have to do is enter the location, take a picture, and select the problem type.

Scan the QR code or select one of the links below to download the 'Give a Praj' app for iPhone or Android.

How do I give a praj on computer?

Report needed maintenance here.

Mark on the map the place where you want to submit needed maintenance. The point must fit exactly where the error is. You can optionally search for a street name in the "Where" search field. It is important that the address matches the place where the needed maintenance is to be reported and not your home address. Then click "approve location" (bottom right of the map). Select from the list the type of error you want to report. You can also upload an image. Finish by clicking "Approve".

What can I talk about?
  • Clogged rainwater wells
  • Damage to road signs or crash barriers
  • Damage to roads, sidewalks or paths
  • Holes in the road
  • Waste on the road or on the curve
  • Animals killed in traffic
  • Invasive species such as Giant Bear Claw
  • Defective play equipment
What should I do if I see traffic-killed or distressed animals?

If you see a dead animal on the road, please contact Den Fælles Vagtcentral at +45 74 63 00 70.

If you drive an animal down the motorway, please contact the Danish Road Directorate at +45 72 44 33 33.

If you see a distressed animal, you must contact Dyrenes Vagtcentral as soon as possible on tel .: 1812.

What should I do if I see a rat?

Have you seen a rat? Then you can review it online.

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Outside opening hours, you can call the Joint Security Center at tel. +45 88 72 41 10.