Is my home harmful to health or flammable?

You can have your home assessed by the Housing Commission if you are in doubt about whether your home is harmful to health or flammable, eg due to mold or mildew.

If you suspect that your home / tenancy is harmful to health or flammable, you can report your home to The Housing Commission.

In that case, an on-site inspection will be carried out and a subsequent report will be prepared, which may include a repair order.

How does an inspection of a home take place?

We always want a dialogue about a common problem, therefore both the tenant and the owner are called to the inspections.

The inspection is agreed with the citizen within 3 working days, and takes place within 7 working days. The subsequent inspection report is prepared within 15 working days. However, this can be done if special samples need to be developed.

Where can I complain about other non-hazardous conditions?

In the event of complaints about other non-hazardous conditions, tenants are referred to the rent board.

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