Health card, health insurance and change of doctor

Read more about the yellow health card, the blue EU health insurance card and how to change doctor.


Where can I read more about the yellow health card?

Read more about health cards at

Can I get a special health card as a cross-border commuter?

As a cross-border commuter, you can apply for a special health card at Udbetaling Danmark.

Can I change doctor?

You are free to choose a doctor who is open to new patients. It is free if your current doctor closes his practice or if you change doctors in connection with relocation.

Change doctor here.

Submit your records here.

See a list of doctors and specialists here.

Can I change health insurance group?

You can change health insurance group here.

You can choose between two insurance groups:

For group 1, you must be registered with a specific doctor, and you must have a referral to specialists.

For group 2, you do not have to be registered with a specific doctor, you do not have to have a referral to specialists, BUT you have to pay the difference yourself if the price of treatment by a doctor or specialist is higher than the subsidy.

You can see on your health card which insurance group you are in. The vast majority of citizens are in insurance group 1. You can make a group change again after 1 year at the earliest.

Read more about health insurance and rules at

Can I order a blue EU health insurance card?

You can get the blue EU health insurance card if you live in Denmark, are a citizen of an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, and you have Danish health insurance.

In special cases, you may be entitled to an EU health insurance card if you:

  • lives abroad and works in Denmark or
  • is sent by a Danish employer to work abroad

In addition, you may be entitled to a card if you are stateless, a convention refugee or a family member of a Danish insured. A family member is your spouse or cohabitant and your children under the age of 18. However, parents of children with citizenship of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are not entitled to a blue EU health insurance card.

Read more about the blue EU health insurance card here.

Can I see my health insurance information and my medical history?

See your current and historical health insurance information about yourself here, where you can see which doctor and health insurance group you are or have been in.

You can also access that see your personal medical record information (medical record, medical record) from the public hospitals in Denmark and data from your doctor on

Have your journal information handed over.

Health insurance

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