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Read more about the health care in Sonderborg Municipality and their many offers.

In Sonderborg Municipality, you can get help from Sundhedsplejen both before and after your pregnancy and right up until the child turns 18 years old.

Can I be visited by the Health Care if I am pregnant?

If you are expecting a child, the Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) in Sonderborg Municipality offers a pregnancy visit.

In addition to expectant parents meeting the health nurse, there is the opportunity for guidance and counseling during the pregnancy visit, eg about expectations, birth, breastfeeding, maternity, etc. The health care will also inform you about the health care's offers.

During the pregnancy visit, expectant parents are offered a screening, the purpose of which is to detect postpartum depression.

When does the Health Care come to visit when the child is born?

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) offers home visits to all families with newborns and toddlers. The health nurse is notified of the birth and then contacts the family.

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) in Sonderborg Municipality offers:

  • Maternity visit of 3-5 days, if the family is discharged from the hospital within 72 hours after the birth
  • Visits no later than 7 days after discharge (if no maternity visit has taken place, otherwise a visit is arranged no later than 10 days after the maternity visit)
  • 1 month visit
  • 2 months consultation
  • 4-6 month home visit/consultation
  • 8 months visit
  • Extra visits if needed

During all visits, the health nurse examines your child and talks to you about what is important to you. The health nurse will also look at your child's emotional and social development.

You can see your child's information at Sundhedsvejen, where you can also write to your healthcare provider. Log in with mother's or father's social security number. no. and MitID.

What group courses are there for mothers (mother group) and fathers?

Mother groups

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) puts together mother groups, which typically consist of 5-6 mothers from the local area, who meet in each other's homes. The mother group is intended as a network, which is most often located during the maternity period. The health nurse does not participate. 

Postpartum reaction groups

An offer for mothers who are affected by a postpartum reaction. The group meets 6-7 times every other week and is led by a family counselor and a health nurse. The meetings are without children.

Far på færde

An offer for fathers who are either on maternity leave or going home with a smaller child.

Every other Wednesday, there are activities on the program where local fathers with different skills set in motion joint activities and pass on their knowledge.

You can find more information for fathers at

Parent groups

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) also offers parent groups, which, however, require referral. The parent groups is for example for expectant parents, for parents with small children and the like.

Can I get help from the Health Care when my child goes to the nursery or kindergarten?

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) offers general and concrete counseling, guidance and sparring to parents and staff in daycare in order to ensure the child's development, health and well-being.

All children in Sonderborg Municipality are offered a 3½-year consultation, where health and well-being are in focus. The consultation is based on eg diet, cleanliness, sleep, upbringing, teeth / pacifier etc. The child is weighed and measured as well.

Can I get help from the Health Care when my child goes to school?

The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen) in Sonderborg Municipality offers examinations and health interviews to all children during school hours - offers that must support the child's health and well-being.

Your child sees the school health nurse in: 

  • 0th grade: Schooling examination with parents (health-oriented conversation, motor screening, height, weight, vision and hearing test).
  • 1st class: Health pedagogical teaching, height and weight.
  • 4th grade: Health-oriented conversation as well as vision test, height and weight.
  • 5th grade: Puberty education.
  • 6th grade: Sight test, weight and height.
  • 8th grade: School examination (health-oriented interview, height, weight, vision and hearing test).
  • Sex education by appointment in schooling.
  • Students who go to special needs class: Follows the same offer as other students' with needs interviews with the option of telephone advice and guidance.
What can I do if my child has challenges in relation to overweight, food, body and mental health?

Sønderborg Municipality has an initiative for families with children and young people aged 3-18. 
On the course "Weight in balance - food, body and mental health", the focus is on the whole family and not just on the child and the young person. 
We start with a clarifying conversation, where we put together a plan that fits your needs, resources and motivation.  

The child/young person participates in the conversations to the extent that it makes sense. This will be based on an individual assessment in consultation with you. 

We value parental responsibility highly and therefore recommend that both parents participate in the course.  
This course takes place in collaboration between the Health Care and the Health Centre's Prevention Unit. 

Get in touch to hear more about "Weight in balance - food, body and mental health" 

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Where can I find quality standards?

See quality standard here.

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