Arranging an event

On this page you will find information on how to apply for permission to hold public events in Sønderborg Municipality.

When you want to hold an event such as a concert, town festival, ring riding, market days or demonstration, you must apply for it - preferably in good time. Note – Your application will not be processed until all relevant attachments have been sent.

When holding a demonstration at short notice, you CANNOT use the self-service solution, but must instead contact the police og Department of Facilities and Infrastructure immediately.

Read Sønderborg Municipality's guidance for applying for public events, before starting the application

Do I need to prepare a security plan for my event?

It is the police who assess whether the event is of such a size that you as the organizer are required to prepare a security plan

Do I have to make a sign plan if I block off during the event?

If you have to block off for your event, it requires a sign plan.

The sign plan must be attached to your application. Contact if necessary Department of Facilities and Infrastructure for questions.

May I put up posters and signs on roads regarding my event?

Yes, as an organizer (eg association) of various sports and cultural events, you are welcome to hang posters or signs. This does not require permission from the municipality if you comply with the applicable guidelines:

  • You must mark your posters / signs with name, address and telephone number
  • As the owner / organizer, you are responsible for hanging up the posters or signs, taking them down and any damage
  • Posters / signs where the event has not yet taken place must not be removed or affixed
  • Posters / signs must not have a yellow background color
  • Posters / signs that do not comply with the rules will be removed by the municipality at the expense of the owner / organizer
  • Posters / signs must be placed at least 0,5 meters from the curb and at least 0,3 meters from the bike path
  • Posters / signs must be placed at least 2,3 meters above the pavement / cycle path measured to the bottom of the poster
  • In masts with overhead lines, there must be at least 1,5 meters from the poster / sign to the lower overhead line
  • Posters / signs must be affixed to a plate, which must be fastened in a secure manner
  • Posters / signs must not be fastened with metal wire, nails or screws
  • When you take down your poster / sign, you must also bring any materials with you
  • Your poster / sign must not exceed 0,8 m in size2
  • Posters / signs must be hung up no earlier than 3 weeks before the event
  • Posters / signs must be removed no later than 4 days after the event
  • Hanging and taking down posters / signs may only take place outside the lamp lighting time

Where can the posters be set up?

  • On lighting masts (lampposts) on municipal roads within built-up areas marked with urban zone sign
  • In Sønderborg, Nordborg and Gråsten inner city, posters / signs may only be erected on poster columns within the delimited zones:


Map of Sønderborg


Map of Nordborg


Map of Gråsten

Posters and the like may not be set up:

  • On traffic signs, bridges, transformer stations, cable cabinets, shelters and in high-voltage power lines and trees and other urban and road equipment
  • In central terraces, roundabouts, signal systems or across the carriageway
  • Posters / signs must not be placed after the beginning of a turn lane
  • Do not place closer than 50 meters from city signposts, intersections, roundabouts, and traffic lights, measured from signal stands
Where can I communicate about my event?

It is a good idea to work out a communication plan, which is a comprehensive overview of target groups, relevant media and communication channels; deadlines; responsible for communication.

You can also create events on, which will then show under upcoming events. is the Sønderborg area's entrance to cultural offers, events, jobs, experiences, businesses and information for newcomers. 

Can I get help making a budget?

You can advantageously pick up our template for a budget / accounts.

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