Holiday childcare and closing days in day care

Here you will find a list of holidays and matching days in day care.

In connection with school holidays and closing days and on days when attendance is traditionally low, sampasning (holiday childcare) is offered in day care. This means that designated institutions are responsible for overall care for an area.

It is announced in good time via your child's institution both in which time periods and in which institutions holiday care is established. In daycare, guest care is offered.

When is my institution closed during the summer holidays, and where can I get my child taken care of?

In 2024, day care institutions will be closed during the following weeks:

  • Sønderborg City: 29+30+31
  • Als: 29+30+31
  • Jutland: 29+30

Your child must be registered for holiday care by mid-March at the latest.

When else does my institution stay closed, and where can I get my child cared for?

In 2023, the daycare centers - in addition to the summer holidays - will be closed on the following dates:  

  • Friday 19 May - (the day after Ascension Day)
  • Monday 5 June (Constitution Day)
  • Wednesday, December 27st
  • Thursday, December 28th
  • Friday, December 29st

Matching is established for daycare centers on these dates except 5 June in:

  • The German Kindergarten, Broager
  • The German Kindergarten on Ringridervej, Sønderborg
  • Hertugbyen's Day Offer, Augustenborg
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