Holiday care and closing days in SFO and club

Here you will find a list of holidays and matching days in SFO and club.

In connection with school holidays and closing days and on days when there is traditionally a low attendance, sampasing (holiday childcare) is offered in after-care centers. This means that appointed SFOs are responsible for the overall care for an area.

It is announced in good time via your child's SFO, both in which time periods and in which institutions matching is established.

Can I get holiday care in after-school and club?

Holiday childcare is offered in preschool for preschool children (coming 0th grade), 0th, 1st and 2nd grade children.

The child is considered an SFO child up to and including 31.07. in the year in which the child stops in 2nd grade.

To be covered for holiday care during the school year (11 months), the child must be enrolled in a module that includes holidays. If the child does not have a module in which holiday is included, a module change must be made to another module in which holiday is included. This module change must take place no later than the date on which the holiday begins.

If you want a module without holiday care when the holiday is over, the parent must make sure to make a module change to a module without holiday. There is one month's notice when changing modules to a module with fewer hours.
If you need holiday care during the weeks in July, these weeks must be purchased in addition to the child's enrollment in the basic module. 

The holiday care in the month of July is purchased additionally per week via The Digital Place Guide 

A holiday week can be canceled if care is not needed anyway, no later than Friday at 12 before the holiday week begins. 

Holiday care is offered in the club for 3rd grade children. The holiday childcare is offered during the weeks/days when the school is closed during the school year and up to and including 30.06.

Holiday care is therefore NOT offered in July for club children.

The child is considered a club child from 1 August in the year in which the child starts 3rd grade

The holiday care during the year is purchased additionally per day via The Digital Location Guide.

Which childcare centers are open, have closed or offer summer holiday care in weeks 28, 29 and 30?

Registration for holiday care must be done through it digital location guidance. Once you are logged in, press the button at the bottom of the page "find another match". You must book a place in your own SFO, even if there is holiday childcare in another SFO.

School Status week 28 + 29 + 30  Holiday babysitting offer
Augustenborg School Open all week  
Lysabild Children's Universe Open all week  
Hørup Central school Open all week  
Nørreskov School Open all week  
Sønderskov School Open all week  
Nydam school Open all week  
Nybøl Children's Universe Open all week  
Broager School Open all week  
Gråsten School Open all week  
Fynshav Children's Universe Closed all weeks Lysabild Children's Universe
Nordals School Closed in week 29, 30 and 31 Nørreskov School
Ahlmann-Skolen Closed all weeks Sønderskov School
Humlehøj School Closed all weeks Sønderskov School
Ulkebøl School Closed all weeks Sønderskov School
Dybbøl-the school Closed all weeks Sønderskov School
Rinkenæs School Closed all weeks Gråsten School


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