If you are at risk of becoming homeless, are homeless or have relatives, you can contact the Vulnerable Team or get help through Housing First support.

If you are at risk of homelessness or are homeless, you can get help and support through the specialized Housing First support.

We help you to keep or find accommodation through flexible and individual support and can also coordinate the help you receive from other organisations, such as the Church Cross, psychiatry and the addiction centre.

How do I get help through Housing First?

To get help, you must be referred to the specialized support. We will go with you and possibly other people around you start from what you need.

Together with you, we will draw up an action plan that contains aims and objectives with your specific support.

Who should I contact if I am a relative or a concerned citizen?

If you know someone who has problems with homelessness, you can contact the Vulnerable Team on tel. +45 27 90 72 01 or the social and street nurse.

The support is for everyone who, for one reason or another, is particularly vulnerable and needs to be approached. The scheme is free and anonymous.

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