The Rent Board (Huslejenævnet)

The Rent Board makes decisions in cases where the tenant and landlord in private rental housing have disagreed.

The Rent Board decides the case if there are rental problems between you and your private landlord or tenant. If you also need advice, you can seek help from a lawyer, tenant or landlord organizations or legal aid.

What cases does the Rent Board decide on?

The Rent Board can decide on:

  • The size of the rent
  • Rent increases
  • Refund of deposit
  • Lack of maintenance, renewal and cleaning
  • Tenant's duty to repair when moving out
  • Improvements
  • Consumption accounts regarding water, heat and electricity
  • Accounts for accounts for interior and exterior maintenance
  • Violation of house rules (can only be brought by the landlord)
  • Prior approvals
  • Questions about the lessor's right of access to the rented property
  • Disagreement about the tenant's installation and disposal rights (e.g. installation of a dishwasher or replacement of a kitchen)

The Rent Board cannot decide on:

  • Questions about termination or termination of tenancy
  • Recovery of monetary claims
  • Proportional refusal in the rent due to defects in the rented property
  • Questions about the landlord's right of access to the rented property
  • Pure commercial leases

The cases that fall outside the area of ​​the Rent Board, you can bring in instead to the Housing law.

How do I complain to the Rent Board?

When you want to complain, it must be done in writing (in Danish), and you must specify what the board must decide on.

Remember to enclose the following:

  • The lease
  • Relevant correspondence in the case 
  • Possible power of attorney (from other tenants, if several are registered on the lease or if you want to be represented by someone else)
  • Your phone number
  • Documentation for payment of fee 

Send your complaint to the Rent Board (contact information below) and pay the fee at the same time. The average case processing time is approx. Two months. 

What is the fee for submitting a complaint to the Rent Board?

It costs DKK 357 as a tenant to bring a case before the Rent Board. 

You must pay the fee at the same time as you send the complaint to the Rent Board.

The fee is paid to Sydbank, account number 8010 6400007. Remember to write the “Rent Board”, your name and the address of the lease in question on the payment.

Only when the fee has been paid does the case start to be sent for consultation with the other party.

The landlord may be charged a fee of DKK 6.827 to the Rent Board if the tenant is fully successful in the case. The fees are regulated on 1 January each year.

What should I be aware of if I am a landlord?

Pre-approval of rent:
If you have an owner-occupied home or a cooperative home, you can ask the Rent Board for a prior approval of the rent that you will legally be able to charge for it on the current home. You must not have other rented homes at the time of application.

It costs DKK 596 for landlords to submit cases for pre-approval of the rent for owner-occupied and cooperative housing, and you must send this form for pre-approval of rent med.

Pre-approval of extensive improvement of the lease:
Before you radically improve a lease with a view to raising the rent, the Rent Board must, upon inspection, establish that the lease has a condition that enables a significant increase in the value of the rent.

The Rent Board must carry out the inspection within 4 weeks from the time we have received the request and documentation for the fee. It costs DKK 4.552 to bring a case before the board (per tenancy). The fee is paid to Sydbank, account number 8010 6400007. Remember to write "Huslejenævnet", your name and the address of the tenancy in question on the payment.

The Rent Board forwards the decision no later than 2 weeks after the inspection. The decision is valid for 3 years.

Administration and caretakers

In properties where there are no documented expenses for caretaker and administration, the Rent Board approves the following standard figures (2024), which you as a landlord may charge:

Administration DKK 3.300
Caretaker DKK 2.200

What is the case processing time?

The average case processing time is approx. Two months. However, it may take shorter or longer depending on the nature of the case.

Who sits on the Rent Board?

The board consists of a chairman (lawyer) appointed by the State Administration of Southern Denmark, a tenant representative and a landlord representative.
The members of the board for the period 2022-2025 are:

Chairman Michael Jorgensen
Alternate Jens Schultz-Hansen

Landlord representative Bernt Knudsen
Alternate Thorkild Andresen

Tenant representative Morten Dohrmann
Alternate Lone Andersen

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